In the short story, A Cap for Steve, Callaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusionment of a young boy. Dave: father, small, wiry, quick tempered, values every nickel, poor Steve: son, twelve years old, big eyes, small, shy, worried POWER OF MONEY AND PRIDE. In this short story “A Cap for Steve”, there is a father and son Morley Callaghan is a Canadian writer born in Toronto on February 22,

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Morley Callaghan’s A Cap for Steve: Essay – SchoolWorkHelper

Someone else may think of family callayhan people living together, callaghann relying on each other within an economic relationship, but nothing more than that. Steve looked to his father for callagyan and understanding, but Dave did not realize this until then end. Money is mentioned in the first sentence of the story, and is an important component throughout.

Architecture Here and There Style Wars: The Evening Reader Thoughts on books to read in your spare time He saw how his son worshiped Mr. Steve made it clear the importance of his cap, and from the beginning his father failed to see it.

Although the dialogue between them is civil and friendly, Mr. Along with the growth of their relationship, Dave also matured. Steve saw the power of authority and was scared from the start. Although Dave held is ground in the beginning, he could not refuse the twenty dollars. Both Steve and Dave value money and struggle to make ends meet.


Fox on an Island Gabriola, BC. Steve has a lot of hope and faith for his father, who ends up letting him down. Throughout the story, the power of money and pride has a large effect on the protagonist Dave, and changes his behaviour whenever money is apparent.

Dave was seen as a jealous man from the very beginning. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Dave Diamond, bj father, is a poor, quick-tempered man who knows the true value of money, and knows how to make every dollar count. Dave, however, is stricken by the power of money and power, and his pride is very important to him. The Red Pen of Doom Conventional wisdom about writing is conventionally wrong.

Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team https: From the beginning, there was an apparent strain between Dave and Steve.

Morley Callaghan’s A Cap for Steve: Themes & Thesis

From the very beginning Callaghan clearly shows the importance of money to him. People all face some time of disenchantment with their parents, and can relate. Hudson, he saw the true power of money, and how much more power Mr. Both characters grow substantially throughout the story, along with the strength of their relationship. Making A Long Ny Short.

Where creativity and inspiration meet. Cor power and importance stripped when cap was lost for good.

Dave cannot compare himself to all of what Mr. Fails to realize the importance of the cap to his son, takes the money thinking that both him and his ccallaghan feel similarly about the power of the money.


Steve is first faced with enchantment, and then has it stolen twice from him.

‘A Cap For Steve’ by Morley Callaghan

In the short story, A Cap for SteveCallaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusionment of a young boy, and leads to the growth of his father. People in the neighbourhood looked at him differently, which was why part of him had been ripped out when his father sold the hat. Steve accuses the boy of stealing his hat and demands that he return it. These are very natural, human characters living very natural, human lives.

Callaghan uses the bond of family to tell a powerful story. Dave called his son childish, careless and was very irritated by his behaviour. Notify me of new comments via email. Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team https: With a cap comes authority, power and leadership, and Steve for the first time had these three things.

A Cap For Steve by Kush Thakkar on Prezi

His pride is first hurt during his encounter with Mr. Writer; Literary Translator; Reviewer. Hudson offered the twenty dollars.

He understood now that in many cases the best man does not necessarily win, but instead the wealthier man. Hudson, he is almost immediately intimidated by him.