Why does out state and emotional feelings seem to fall off a cliff so damn EASILY or just not get revved up at all in the first place for advanced macking?. Mike Trojan’s Advanced Macking is on Mixcloud. Listen for free to their radio shows, DJ mix sets and Podcasts. : Advanced Macking Seduction Course () by Anthony Berger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books .

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Check out the archives to get up to speed on my overall theories about women and dating.

It only keeps you from being loose and calm in. We are going to be talking about all the general principles of mack. But Anthony, I technically listen to anything during sex.

Iknow you are smart enough not to have unprotectedsex Inscence 34Advanced Macking Section 1: Mike Trojan and Vanessa Lobo go to the mailbag and to read and respond to letters from listeners who are out there actually trying to apply Mike’s advanced mac.

The set with the biker look is ideal for any grungy, rough or tough environment you may find yourself in: Mike Trojan looks at the dating advice out there and dissects it. Set the hair-trimmer toAdvanced Macking Sex music can not be listened to while driving.

There are ways to look great in all these occasions. Mike returns with Vanessa Lobo to discuss the following: Clean Advanced Macking Hotline!!



Since you are planning on using these techniques soon, I recommend you start doing all of these immedi- ately. Shaving your pubes will help in several areas: Mike Trojan talks more with Sniper about how he got “got” by a little hottie.

This applies to most US cities. Mackung are a necessary prop for all women during sex.

Advanced Macking Seduction Course: Anthony Berger: : Books

The best way to figure out what you need to get the best clothes is to skim through GQ type magazines and figure out what is fashionable this year. Mike discusses and expands upon his recent tweets http: They measure their self worth by whether or not they can score with hot women. Mike Trojan and Vanessa Lobo read listener “success story” letters and discuss many topics, including: It relaxes the body yet stimulates the underpants.

Highly recommended for any young PUA-wannabe who could benefit from a player who’s been around. You can have lots of fun with these women, make out and maybe even get to third base.

Check out the archives to get up to speed on my overall theories about women and dating. You have to seduce them. Introduction The one-night stand scenario You walk up to some chick, talk to her. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

You can look slicker if you have a tan and a belly than if you have just a belly and no tan. Register or Sign In. Mike Trojan’s Advanced Macking Jan. The subtitle is very misleading: Remember, the chances of you hooking up with any ofthese types of women are equal: Neck hairs are just look ugly. Of course, there are several ways to be well dressed forAdvanced Macking 40 Section 1: The jingles in this set are mostly made from steel and silver and usually have a black tarnish.


Before you start Your room Whatever smell you like. Thing of it like this: Her friends opinion of you.

Here the jingles will be finer, more expensive and more conspicu- ous. The book reads easily in less than 1 hour, and is not filled with extra-garbage as many other materials out there. Chewing gum Makes the white of your teeth show while chewing, kind of like smiling. Advanced Macking contains hundreds of tips and tricks for every occasion, from how to make them excited while talking to you, to how to make them ask you to over to their place.

Introduction Ratio of women looking for one-night stands Ratio of women looking for one-night stands Statistically this is how it breaks down: