Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Audiofanzine. View and Download Alesis Plus user manual online. Alesis QuadraVerb Plus Audio-digital processor: User Guide. Plus Processor pdf manual download. Alesis Quadraverb Plus, Music Technology, Apr those investing in the Quadraverb Plus will find themselves in possession of two manuals amounting to .

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VERDICT WITH THE SORT of “extras” we’ve been looking at here, it would have been quite easy for Alesis to justify the release of an entirely new effects unit and left owners of existing Quadraverbs to hawk their machines around the shops looking for a good part-exchange deal or chance their arm in the classified columns – in other words, upgrading the hard way.

If you don’t own a Quadraverb, things are likely to be a bit more expensive, I’m afraid. The initial resonating frequency of each resonator can be individually adjusted tuned on a chromatic scale.

Alesis Plus User Manual

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Pressing the value buttons will select the desired amount of Panning or Tremolo Speed. Sample recording is initiated either manually by pressing Bypass or automatically by a signal above the threshold level.

The block diagram of this configuration is as follows: Small Print Terms of use Privacy.

And because resonator frequencies can be adjusted, you can therefore program the Quadraverb to generate up to five-note chords from any type of input signal. The range is 0 to 99 with 0 being off. Previous Article in this issue World Party. The Base value is the note where the sample will play back with no pitch change.

Auto Panning allows a signal that has first been routed through the EQ section of either of the above configurations to automatically pan from side to side at a selectable rate. A reel of quarter-inch recording tape or a decent MIDI cable or two maybe so that you don’t have to keep stealing the one off the stereo system which doesn’t work properly anyway. Though maximum sampling time is limited to 1. Full instructions on the operation of your unit can be found in your User’s Guide.


This addendum only describes the new features. Playback from an audio trigger is normally used when replacing one audio source with a recorded sample, as in the case of replacing a snare drum on a tape track with a better recorded sample.

OFF 4 Now, when ready to sample, press the bypass button.

Multi-fx Processor by Nigel Lord. The start can be anywhere kanual the sample in 10 millisecond steps. The range is 0 to Got it, continue to print.

Alesis Quadraverb Plus (MT Apr 91)

However, the duration value will remain intact and in effect as soon as the user adjustment of the loop start will permit the proper length. This can happen in two ways. The maximum record time is 1. The following illustration shows how the output spectrums relate to the input spectrum. Playback from the front panel manual playback would normally be used when you want to manually trigger a recorded sample.

Like the ring modulator, these generate harmonic derivatives of the input signal – but in a much more controlled way. The range is Left 99 to Right The second method requires the user to initiate recording by pressing the bypass switch on the front panel.

One option is equipment upgrades – Quadraverb owners come on down. The display will then read: Both prices include VAT.

Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Audiofanzine

Gear in this article: Page 21 QuadraVerb Plus gives independent access to the Up and Down version of the original spectrum. Press two keys and The sample will play to the end and then automatically stop. Does that sound like a good 12 quid’s worth? The block diagram of this configuration is as follows: Basically, you can tap into the overall delay span – which may extend to some 1. The Delay Time is relative to the previous tap, which means that when Tap 1 is delayed, all of the following Taps are delayed by the same amount as well.


This is a normal phenomena that occurs during sample playback. If the playback mode is set to “Looping” and MIDI Trigger is set to One Shot, the sample will play indefinitely until the mode is changed or the sampling configuration is deselected.

Page 22 Instead of just processing a signal such as Delay or Reverb, a resonator generates a pitch in addition to the original input signal. This is a very distinctive form of signal processing which needs considerable care in setting up if it isn’t to sound clangorous and unusably discordant. Limitations aside, this is still a very usable feature – particularly for percussion samples which are relatively short, do not require looping and can be triggered in the One Shot mode.

PAGE This page simultaneously adjusts the decay time of the five resonators. Page 10 The display will read: It is most useful for generating metallic, bell-like sounds. This can be 18 18 accomplished by referring to the ” Modulating the Parameters” section of the QuadraVerb Users Manual on page This addendum only describes the new features. Essentially, the ring modulator provides us with a means of amplitude modulating two signals such that the resultant output comprises only of sum and difference harmonics.