Alice Bunker Stockham () was one of the first female M.D.s in the United States. In her remarkable _Karezza_, she develops her theory of secular. Karezza, Ethics of Marriage, by Alice B. Stockham [], full text etext at sacred- I first came across the name of Alice Bunker Stockham in connection with the Rational Dress Movement–a nineteenth-entury reform movement.

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Reading just a bit about her, reforming women’s clothing is the least of her many efforts on behalf of women. Alice Bunker Stockham November 8, in Cardington, Ohio — December 3, in Alhambra, California was an obstetrician and gynecologist from Chicago and the fifth woman to become a doctor in the United States.

The aims of the reformers were to free women from the dictates of fashion which didn’t–and ksrezza to have been successful, at least if you spend any time at all looking at the women in music videos, on the red carpet, or, for that matter, in college classroomsbut especially from the devastating physical effects of corsets and “tight lacing.

Alice Bunker Stockham

Fifteen years before she wrote Karezzashe authored a popular text entitled, Tokology Greek for “Obstetrics”. Experience, however, has proven that it is far more satisfactory to have at least an interval of two to four weeks [or even longer]. Stockham lectured against the use of corsets by women, made public endorsements of the healthiness of masturbation for both men and aoice still controversial when echoed by U.

Each copy came with a bound-in certificate signed by Stockham and entitling the bearer to a free gynecological exam.

Lists with This Book. Later observers assumed that Stockham’s views on sexual continence ztockham heavily influenced by John Humphrey Noyes whom she quotes, among others, at the end of her book.

The development alicw the caged crinoline in mid-century did serve to reduce that weight inBloomer adopted it in favor of the garments she had devisedbut that did not end the efforts to reform women’s clothing. Inspired by the Swedes, she is credited with introducing workshop classes into American schools.

Alice Bunker Stockham – Wikipedia

karezzza Refresh and try again. Desire, directed wisely, enables one to experience an at-one-ment with universal principle itself. More than a century stokham, a remarkable woman coined the term “Karezza” Italian for “caress” in her book, Karezza: Mark Schahczenski rated it it was amazing Dec 25, But the reform movement reignited in the s, principally in reaction to the introduction of the bustle, adding an iron cage and looped fabric in yet another distortion of the natural female body.


There she may have learned about tantra.

Karezza, Ethics of Marriage

Men who are borne down with sorrow because their wives are nervous, feeble and irritable, have it in their power, through Karezza, to restore the radiant hue of health to the faces of their loved ones, strength and elasticity to their steps and harmonious action to every part of their bodies.

Citing an express mandate of Pope Pius XII, the Sacred Congregation seriously admonished all such writers to refrain from these suggestions and forbade priests and spiritual directors ever to suggest that there was, in the light of Christ’s law, nothing objectionable about “a reserved embrace.

Stpckham other projects Wikimedia Commons. Feb 03, Steve Bedford rated it really liked it. They controlled the business interests and chose their own husbands.

Benefits Stockham admits that for those to whom the Karezza idea is new, the first thought will be that it is impossible. Newer Post Older Post Home. A well-traveled and well-read person who counted among her friends Leo Tolstoy and Havelock Ellis, she also visited Sweden and from her trips to schools there she brought back the idea of teaching children domestic crafts, thus single-handedly establishing shop and home economics classes in the United States.

Donald William marked it as to-read Jun 13, Mia rated it it was ok Mar 02, As the creative potency of man becomes understood, and this knowledge is applied, men and women will grow in virtue, in love, in power, and will gladly and naturally devote this power to the world’s interests and development.

Posted by Sharon L. And at no time does this learned control serve [mankind] with more satisfaction than in the marital relation and in making possible the attainment of Karezza.

Stockham may not have had access to recent neurochemical research about the unfortunate aftereffects of over-stimulating the brain’s reward circuit, but she did note that. Alicd section possibly contains original research. Under this law, Comstock pursued all those who, like Stockham, distributed any kind of material about reproductive health–even anatomy books could be kept from distribution by mail.


Karezza, Ethics of Marriage Index

Around the time the first tantra books were translated into English, Stockham traveled to India where she visited a matrilinial caste of hereditary warriors, allegedly of Brahmin descent, on the Malabar Coast. Karezza is strengthening and sustaining both to husband and wife, because it is virtually a union of the higher selves…. Both growth and satisfaction are attained karezsa altruistic desires, and through the interrelations between the partners’ higher selves.

Ethics of Marriage is long out of print, but you can read it online at this site. Perhaps the most well-known name associated with the efforts to reform women’s clothing is that of Amelia Bloomerwho in introduced her trouser-like “bloomers” in order to free kadezza from the excessive weight of their crinolines–the combined weight of a woman’s skirt and petticoats meant that poundsperhaps as many as thirteen poundswere hanging off of a woman’s waist.

I have never been conscious of any irksome restraint or asceticism in my sexual experience; and karszza self-control and strength, mental and physical, have greatly increased since my marriage. Throughout history, western women have engaged in various ways of shaping their torsos through corsets and lacing–at the turn of the sixteenth century, in the lessons she writes for her daughter, Anne of France is already warning Suzanne about the dangers of tight-lacing, which, she says, is not only ridiculous but will damage her health!

Stockham’s interest in birth control could not overcome her fear that a mechanical sperm barrier would prevent “the complete interchange of magnetism” a theory popular among 19th century sexual-spiritual teachers.

Learn how stockhma when to remove these template messages. Now to Alice Bunker. By contrast, the ordinary hasty spasmodic method of cohabitation…is deleterious both physically and spiritually, and is frequently a cause of estrangement and separation. According to Stockham, Karezza is a form of spiritual companionship. Thomas added it Aug 14, But the more I thought of the matter the more clearly I saw that if there was a possibility of these new ideas being true, they were exactly adapted to a man in my circumstances, and that karezaa made my marriage immediately practicable.