OrgPublisher streamlines organizational planning and drive effective business decisions. Implement Aquire’s OrgPublisher with 2BM and improve your data. Enterprise organizational charting software providing workforce information on to 1,, employees in minutes. OrgPublisher provides. are saying about OrgPublisher. Read user OrgPublisher reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. OrgPublisher. by Aquire. 3 / 5 2 reviews .

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Upload all three i.

What’s New with OrgPublisher Premier v11

In order to display your page on SAP portal certain assignments should be carried out in a specific order: Assign Page to Workset; c. Assign Workset to Role, and finally; d. Assign Role to User. The above fig shows the OrgPublisher dashboard is fully displayed with Langauge Skills, Planning and Sales Tabs along with other orgpublisher features. Like 0 Former Member Post author August 20, at Like 0 Former Member December 4, at We send the extract produced in SAP to this server using a scheduled background job.

Aqiure means of XI we automatically send it to our webserver and combining this with the OrgPublisher automated publishing options, we get fully automated orgpubllsher refreshes of the org chart. We are using Aquire OrgPublisher integrated in SAp portal for a few months now and we want to take it a orgpublishher further. We want to integrate it with Sap single sign on, so when the user opens the org chart, he is immediatley positioned on his own unit.


So, my question is: Initially the work around that I would have considered is somewhat below: Publish org chart for each user group and qquire in KM.

Aquire orgpublisher pluginx download

This will be multiple files w. You may try on the above guidelines, in the meantime, if I manage this successfully I shall be pleased to share in another blog.

Mohammad Like 0 Former Member January 14, at 1: Like 0 Former Member Post author January 14, at 3: Thus there is one license, to my knowledge, for SAP. However, for further info Orgupblisher would suggest to consult OrgPub sales.

August 20, 1 minute read. Hi all, There is a series of OrgPublisher blogs, in case you require to refer back to.

OrgPublisher Reviews and Pricing –

Here is how this can be acomplished. The process flow is as follows: You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. August 20, at Step 3 tells us to upload some files to the SAP Portal. You certainly need to give some more orgoublisher, such as which tools to use and where to store the objects… Thanks. Former Member Post author. Hi Michael, Thanks for the comment.


Basically, it requires OrgPublisher application.

Please see previous blogs. Part 4 of the blog series gives an outlook of the OrgPublisher application.

Within this application, we have the option of publishing the SAP extracted Org chart to web. When a user runs Publishing functionality in OrgPublisher, it generates three files that are stated in step 3.

OrgPublisher Interface to SAP – Publishing OrgPublisher chart on SAP Portal | SAP Blogs

Hope this answers your query. December 4, at Hi Ken, Not as of now. January 14, at 1: Hi Mohammad, Do we need license for both sap and portal? January 14, at 3: HiBen, OrgPub is sold on the number of user records i.

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