ART OF COPPERSMITHING. A PRA C TIC A L TR EATlSE O N WO R KIN G S H EET. C O PPER IN TO A LL FO R M S. j O H N. F U L L E R,. S E. PU BLISHED . PAGE Historical Sketch of Copper u Braziers’ Art, or Light Coppersmithing 16 First Year’s .. 10; then close the whole up close ART OF COPPERSMITHING. Fio. Art Of Coppersmithing has 13 ratings and 3 reviews. Casey said: Read this while working at San Francisco’s Building Resources. The diagrams were cool and.

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Now put in the wire, and after planishing the flap of the handle and chamfering the edge of it with a hammer, rivet at the handle and finish the article by cleaning.

Third, cut out a disk so that its surface is equal to the breast and ring before wiring o wrinkle it, as in Fig. I will de- scribe the making of one of the stock pots of medium size, to hold 8 gallons standard or American measure, and made from 40 pound plate, and as high as its diameter. Doug Schmidt is ary reading it Dec 15, The progressive braziers were, how- ever, equal to the emergency, and turned their attention to the manu- facture of wrought iron goods, made in the same way and after the same fashion as the copper goods.

Written in by one of the leading practitioners, this book has come to be coppersmithinb as the copperwmithing work in its field. Our first job at these and they were the first vessels we began and coppdrsmithing complete was a half dozen pints, three with lips and three without.

Now fold the grooving edge and wire the bridge, turning the edge on the inside and sink the wire into a creasing stake, the wire being left out 2 inches at each end of the bridge, as in Pig.

Oval pudding pots, Fig. My search was incessant, and not altogether in vain, because among the vast amount of chaff searched I found occasionally a golden grain, which was laid up in the storehouse of my mind. If the side is to be grooved the pattern is tinned, planished, wired and the edges are turned, be- fore being formed into shape, after which the point is flattened and turned over, as shown in Fig.

It will be seen that this scoop is formed like and a little in excess copoersmithing three-fourths of a sphere that is, aft to and where the lip commences the back and bottom, so far as the ears are, are formed similar to the Nautilus ; the other quarter, when half up, being worked out again to form the lip, similar to an earthen jug.


Art of coppersmithing.

Now, at the time of which we are writing there were no squaring-shears with which to o the sheets into suitable pieces, so all the work had to be cut out with hand-shears or if stock-shears. There lf be stew-pans, saucepans, frying- pans, fish-kettles, stock-pots, ladles, spoons, gravy-strainers, fish-slices and a host of other things required for a coppersmitthing kitchen outfit.

With the blade of the J-square parallel to A D draw lines from each of the points established between C and B, producing them wrt they cut the line A Y, as shown. The ladle, as shown in the pan, Fig. The corners may be made square and brazed in the corner, or cut to form a round corner and brazed, or they may be wrinkled, and razed up solid, as may seem most advisable, or as the taste of the employer or the purchaser may require. An improved way is shown in Fig. Please do not assume that a book’s appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world.

To do this we first use the pien of the hammer between the rivets ; then on each side ; then across the four corners made by copperskithing previous blows, as shown in Fig. There is, however, little profit in coal scoops ; that is, in those ordinarily in use, for they were among the goods which were paid the least for, considering the labor necessary to produce them in such a maner as the purchaser desired. The Royal comes next. Copersmithing up each course until the brim is reached ; then anneal by making it a bright cherry-red in the shade.

The bottom end of the stake enlarged Fig. When cool, bend the stem as shown in Fig. Let us cut one out, required to measure 16 inches, and pro- ceed to work it up. If a hammer like this were to be provided, the sheets could be planished the first course before the work is cut out.

The dimensions of a stewpan to hold 1 gallon are found in the following manner: It was stated that frying-pans were sometimes made larger than 15 inches. Now, the outside case or pan of this cover at a, Fig. Now square the diameter of cover, or Tin the edge as far as the bead ; then put the halves together and solder the seam. When this operation has been performed coppersmithibg is planished on a bright side stake, and the wire put in, Fig. Adt next is a large box containing a full and complete stock of patterns, kept together on rings in the same man- ner as they are in the shops of the present day.

When the vessels have stood a sufficient time they colpersmithing thor- oughly scoured inside with good sharp sand, with the addition of some common salt, and then washed clean, care being taken that allof at old tin is off when burnt and that nothing greasy gets inside.

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The strig or lever is finally soldered on and the article cleaned ready for the store-room. If, on the other hand, he has been negligent and afraid he would do too much, his progress is likely to have been a little slow, for few men care to help a boy who shows a desire to shirk his duty.

The radius of the arc O N is equal to X Z, with the edge added, or i2 inches. Prying-pans, closet-pans and water-balls afford means for the next step and initiate the boy into the art of raising.

Next anneal and wrinkle again, razing down the wrinkles until the proper size is obtained ; then take it to a bullet-head in the straight end of a tea-kettle shank and break the lag down by holding it in both hands and hitting the bottom on the head in the center to swell it out, and then with a mallet work down the lag, beginning in the middle of the side.

The third course should bring the sides up sufficiently, and may be done with a mallet.

If the joint is perfect take it to a bullet stake and pounce the bottom up enough so that the sharp corners of the cramps may be filed off easily ; clean them off, then knock the joint down. Every boy knows that a half circle turned round and at ends joined will make a funnel. Read this while working at San Francisco’s Building Resources. After the bend- ing is done we then true the whole up, making the distance through the breast at C, Fig.

A large block was made fast to the floor, and an anvil some 8 or 9 inches square on the face set in it.

Art of coppersmithing. ( edition) | Open Library

A copper to be used for brewing is made a little different from a washing-copper, although the greater part of their construc- tion is the same. Warm- ing pans are made or raised up and formed from a disk whose surface is equal to the surface of the pan and the cover seat, together with the covering of a wire.

The strainer ring and cover are made to fit tight inside the well. Frying-pans have their sides raised up from a flat disk and are usually made from 9 to 15 inches in diameter at the rim and from 2 to 3 inches deep when finished.