Interview with Aukai Collins, whose book, My Jihad, describes his conversion to Islam and experiences as American Muslim fighting against. MY JIHAD: An American Mujahid’s Amazing Experiences in the World of Jihad, Bin Laden’s Training Camps, and the Aukai Collins, Author. by. Aukai Collins. · Rating details · ratings · 26 reviews. My Jihad is the personal story about the biggest threat to world peace and stability in our.

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Price may vary by retailer. The students smiled as they waved good-bye, and the truck drove off. One of the English speakers explained that aukao was the westernmost section of the Himalayas, just inside the Pakistani border with Kashmir.

No one in the mosques talked about the war, and when I asked questions they seemed unconcerned. The m adrasah’s headmaster didn’t speak English, and I had no idea how I would get into Afghanistan. He looked surprised at my rude entrance, but instead of getting angry he asked me what was wrong, in broken English. He would motion for me to move up next to him, then he would motion for me to get behind.

Pada umur muda 19 tahun, dengan semangat panas membara, mula mencari jalan untuk berjuang atas nama Islam.

Aukai Collins

We formed a single file and walked along a steep trail that ran up into the mountains. This is aninteresting story.

The two other guys had a friend who was the head of a madrasah inside the town. Cillins to Book Page. It is definitely a from the propaganda that we hear about in the papers, and from the experience of boots on the ground, an American Mujaheddin was not fighting to topple America, but training with Al Qeda to learn tactics for fighting real revolutionary struggles.

Aukai Collins – Wikipedia

He asked me if I wanted to go on any operations and I told him of course. Lists with This Book. He told me that he had brought my problem up with Mufti Shaheed and that I should come down to talk, so I caught a van to Islamabad the next day. The local warlords would sell border crossings and checkpoints to their bandit buddies as a sort of concession, and the bandits would then harass anyone who came along the road.


Ironically this would make for good collijs reading except for the cover and title. Views Read Edit View history. The vocabulary is relatively common, with military terms and pieces of Arabic and Urdu vocabulary used to offer collis more genuine feel to the accounts of his experiences. I got in the back seat, the kid got in next to me, and the older guy got into the front and said something to the driver, who turned the vehicle around.

The old man sat down in an empty chair without saying a word. For all his seriousness, Commander Khalid greated us genially and wanted to know all about me.

Many people, myself included, believe that the movement had actually been started by colonial Britain to pacify the Pakistanis. We stayed the night at the compound and left for the Afghan border the next morning, following a dry riverbed that ran between two mountains. He asked whether I had any military experience and I told him not really but said I was familiar with firearms. For many people, this would seem like bad news, but for a mujahid it is a blessing.

Mendapat latihan perang di Afghanistan dan telah berjuang di Chechnya. I’m still not sure why they did this, but it had something to do with me looking like an American soldier and fighting on their side.

xymfora om “The book “My Jihad (…)” by Aukai Collins”

Sign up and get a free eBook! Then Muhammad Zaky and I returned to his apartment, where we stayed up most of the night collkns over our plan. Feb 20, Jerry rated it really liked it. They had no problems with letting a fighter sleep in their office, but they wouldn’t have anything to do with getting me into Bosnia.


The cop summoned another officer, who brought us tea a few minutes later, and we went colline torture candidates to tea-party chums. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He said it wouldn’t be a problem, although it would take him a couple of weeks to make arrangements. When we reached the point where the border post was directly across from us, I noticed that we would have to crawl if we wanted to stay completely out of sight of the guards, but Afghans would rather get shot than crawl on their bellies.

When the assistant finally got tired of listening to my constant bitching he told me to get my bags and go down the mountain to the office. As I passed by I noticed that one of them was eyeballing the two guards.

Aukai Collins (Author of My Jihad)

Both were from the Sudan. Whenever we got on a bus one of my escorts would announce to everyone who would listen kihad I was an American mujahid.

It turned out that he had never spoken to the mufti about my problem and had just made up the stuff about me coming down to Islamabad. I stayed with them in Vienna for almost a week. Yet Ibrahim was telling me that since most Colkins didn’t practice Islam properly, I shouldn’t concern myself with whether they lived or died. They were enjoying themselves immensely collind had obviously done this to other visitors before.