rest of the site plan. Can I get IMAGECLIP to clip around curves? By eveofdestruction in forum AutoCAD Civil 3D – Alignments. Replies: 3. » 25 years of AutoCAD LT ·» Bricsys Conference – London ·» Bricsys acquired Tech > Wipeout or Image Clip using a Circle or Spline. By Xiaodong Liang Issue I can set image’s clip by AcadRasterImage. ClipBoundary, but how do I get the AcadRasterImage’s clip boundary.

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The Select Image File dialogue box appears. You should now see the familiar Select Image File dialogue box.

The Image Quality command is used to control the display quality of images. Secondly it allows you to decide autoczd the position insert pointscale and rotation of the image are specified on-screen or within the dialogue box. You can change from one to the other by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Notice that the image frame is still visible. Using such tools, you could use an image to trace some base information.

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The tutorial will show you how to attach an image to an AutoCAD drawing aitocad how to manipulate the image appearance.

In other words, images do not become an integral part of a drawing. As the name suggests, the image manager is a general purpose utility for managing your raster images. The smaller the value, the more accurate the curve approximation.


This works fine providing both the drawing file and the image autcad remain in auttocad same place. As you have seen, you can easily manipulate the various image properties with the specific commands described above.

The important thing to remember about images and the thing that causes most confusion amongst novice users is that they are not actually inserted into a drawing as the “Insert” pull-down menu might suggest. It is always best to adjust the image correctly using Adobe Photoshop or a similar application before attaching it to your AutoCAD drawing. Your dialogue box should now look like the one shown above.

All About Images

However, as always, there is a way to display true colour images in AutoCAD. Modify Object Image Frame. Firstly, images can take up quite a lot of computer memory and so your computer may work more quickly with images unloaded. Now that you have completed the tutorial, why not try the associated exercise Using Images in order to practice your new skills.

By default, AutoCAD uses a relatively small colour palette. They have proved so useful that Autodesk has decided to sell them to users at an additional cost. If you just want to remove an image temporarily, it is far better to unload it. This site uses cookies.

imageclip with curves?

To detach an image, highlight the image name in the list and click the “Detach” button. The active path is the actual location of the file on this computer. You needn’t be too precise at this stage because you can always move the image later.


However, there are occasions when it would be useful to display raster images as part of your drawing. Actually, you can also make changes to the image after it has been attached. A rectangular clip allows you to hide that part of an image outside of a defined rectangle.

The one on the left is the original image and the one on the right imaageclip the way it looks when displayed in AutoCAD.

Wipeout or Image Clip using a Circle or Spline

Once an image has been detached, all position, scaling and clipping information will be lost. When you have completed this tutorial, you may like to complete the Using Images exercise in order to get some practical autoad. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you intend to zutocad a faded image, the result will always be a lighter image since paper is white. The fade control is slightly curious.

The effect of the two quality modes can be seen in the close-up of a scanned map image, above. See the images below to see the effect of the two clipping types.

You can turn the image frame off to display just the foreground pixels image on the right.