Badal Sircar (15 July –13 May ), also known as Badal Sarkar, was an influential Indian dramatist and theatre director, most known for. Girish Karnad (left) and Badal Sircar (second from right) inaugurating the third International Theatre Festival of Kerala in Photo courtesy. Badal (Sudhindra) Sircar continues to be an influential figure in Bengali, even Indian, theatre five years after his passing. He was from the educated middle.

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I think the time has come to look at our response towards his later texts and re-discover certain nuances that we understood yet chose to ignore, not limit ourselves to the visual narrative of movement patterns and myriad structures created by the body.

I started off as a secretary, a job that Baba never approved of.

This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Their situation need not always be so if they considered doing something to change it. What began as a pleasurable pastime seeped into his consciousness by the time he took a job with the Damodar Valley Corporation inafter graduating in Civil Engineering from the reputed Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, Howrah, off Calcutta now Kolkata. Similarly, in the context of colonial and post-colonial India, it is considered to be an important player in bringing about a sense of cohesive national Although we have long understood that set design, lights and of course audiences, among many other things, are co-makers of meaning in the playhouse, most theatre histories pay scant attention to their role in demarcating periods of theatrical history and motivating historical change.


We were free to do whatever we wanted. When the two types meet, the comic effect is beyond measure. But Baba was unfazed.

Badal Sarkar – Wikipedia

He always preferred to take the path less travelled and came up with a strange yet the most effective decision. Bhoma for them is: Remember me on this computer. Coming back to the here and now: Baba was determined to end the concept of theatre’s ticket sales.

The Bomb with all its destructive capabilities bxdal an integral part of his artistic vision. He always had money for his productions. Views Read Edit View history.

Free would also mean un-sponsored and non-ticketed, purely surviving on personal donations and resource-sharing. These open-air and free performances led to his troupe travelling to nearby villages on other weekends, where sidcar employed minimal props and improvised dialogues to involve audience further into the performance. For Manipuri vadal Heisnam Kanhailal, respected throughout the country for his distinctive dramaturgy, it was a workshop by Badal-da that set him on the path towards his own unique theatre style.

Bhoma is the cornfield.

It drew on the daily reality of the common man, the entire gamut of oppression, corruption, injustice, power politics, struggle, disillusionment, despairing hope, battered idealism, and confused questioning that baval of us experience as we grapple with the everyday. Banerjee’s classification isrcar the contributions in eight sections not just provides details of significant plays and theatre events over the last two hundred years, but also a critical commentary on the evolution of theatre, for example, Manoj Mitra talking about the art of playwriting, Tapas Sen about light design, Khaled Choudhury about his experience in stage designing, and Utpal Dutt about experimentation in theatre.


Or is Bhoma an instinctive call to rebel? He started his acting career inbadzl he acted in his own play, Bara Trishnaperformed by Chakraa theatre group. On many occasions, either I concealed my identity or snapped ties with those who put undue stress on my ‘pedigree’.

The misunderstood genius of Badal Sircar Last updated on: In fact, our ignorance of the dynamic interplay between the multi-layered aspects of theatre is due to the difficulty of researching the topic; reliable sircra, documentation, expectations, behaviour, and response of historical audiences and other earlier aspects of theatre is not easy to acquire.

Through his writings and public statements, Sircar was often critical of proscenium theatre.

The book focuses on various essentials which are a blend of earlier autochthonous modes of theatrical expression and the colonial European consciousness, which heightened the Bengali and Indian consciousness about ‘nation’, that brought about the national movement. As their children, neither Dada nor I ever heard any altercation between them.

The legacy of Badal Sircar

He took Shatabdi to as far as the interiors of Manipur. Performance, necessarily as means of co-creation, constant evolution of the text to reveal the skeleton lurking behind the body of sirca and not the royalty-driven, license-driven, rights-driven approach. University of Iowa Press. The process of migration is ongoing, and we will notify you once it is complete.