Balthazar (Alexandria Quartet) [Lawrence Durrell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The dazzling second volume of The Alexandria. The narrator’s gaze is fixed upon the past once again and so in this novel Durrell sets out to create the story over, divulging new information that. The dazzling second volume of The Alexandria Quartet—an enthralling and deeply disturbing work of gorgeous surfaces and endless deceptions. In.

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Balthazar (novel) – Wikipedia

Fill in your details below or lswrence an icon to log in: You will have to make room in your thoughts for this variety of the animal. If it’s beautifully written misogyny does it become art? Kill the piece and move on.

Return to Book Page. Durrell himself has a grand intellectual and artistic scheme at work in the quartet which, in these days of novels as commodities, seems almost too precious. Reading him now is a look into past literary pursuits and made me see how much things have changed; even made me a bit nostalgic.

Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell

balthazwr Both the epigraphs are from de Sade’s Justine ; the second, longer one begins: Aug 16, Sinem A. The prolonged nature-pieces, which are a highlight of Durrell’s prose, still intervene between straight linear narrative — but are uniformly of askesis and alone-ness — and have a more pronounced “prose-painting” feel to them pre-figuring Clea.

Just a moment while we sign you bapthazar to your Goodreads account. The self is at the heart of relativity. The second book in the Alexandria Quartet, still seen through the central character the writer Darley. The lawrende begins with the Narrator living on a remote Greek island with Nessim’s illegitimate daughter from Melissa now either four or six years old — marking the time that has elapsed since the events of Justine ; however the tone is very dark and opposed to the light and airy reminiscence of Prospero’s Cell — Durrell’s travelogue-memoir balthhazar his life on Corfu.


A spontaneous, resourceful new beauty that any sensitive reader will almost certainly love. This is the second book in Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet, and I can’t imagine reading it without reading Justine first. However, the events that occur in this volume retroactively shape the narrator’s perception and memories of the past: A perceptive character observes modern art’s debt to theoretical physics, and so it is: Balthazar, an Alexandrian psychiatrist, has sent Darley additional information about events and durdell from the first novel, clarifying and expanding upon much that Darley thought he knew.

I know that the key I am trying to turn is in myself. Miller led me to Durrell, which led to this essay.

You understand what he means once you begin to get into Balthazar. Paperbackpages. Darley, who observes the interactions of his lovers, friends, and acquaintances. Nonetheless, it is essential to read Justine first; the greater clarity and expansiveness of Balthazar is possible only because the reader already knows most of the characters and events; there is not enough explanation for the story to stand on its own.

They were real conflicts, with consequences: Set in Alexandria, Egypt around World War II, the four novels tell essentially the same story from different points of view and come to a conclusion in Clea. Jan 21, Ivan Conte rated it it was amazing Shelves: For us as artists there waits the joyous compromise through art with all that wounded or defeated us in daily life; in this way, not to evade destiny, as the ordinary people try to do, but to fulfill it in its true potential—the imagination.

Among the workpoints at the end of this volume I have sketched a number of possible ways of continuing to deploy these characters and situations durrelll further installments—but this is only to lawrenc that even balthwzar the series were extended indefinitely the result would never become a roman fleuve an expansion of the matter in serial form but would remain strictly part of the present word-continuum.


I adore something about these books. But there was one major side-effect: The narrative dwells longer on a few connected characters, or a linear sequence of events.

Justine Balthazar Mountolive Clea The chapters are shorter and more clearly marked. Looking for More Great Reads?

He looked archly at me round his pipe and balhazar cheered up. In other words, Time is relative. Onwards now to Mountolive. On the tail of this information, the whole affair becomes even more crushingly futile than it seemed the first time round.

Books by Lawrence Durrell.

Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell | Pseudo-Intellectual Reviews

Rather it’s a very curious, telling of events that were happening concurrently as Justine only at the time of writing Justine our unnamed narrator who finally gets a name in Balthazar! Alexandria is “a city at once sacred and profane,” writes Balthazar, and the narrator struggles to “give a coherent picture of this impossible city of love and obscenity. The Other’s Love of the Self If our individual perspective can change in space, then perhaps we might also need the perspectives of other individuals to approach the truth more balthazsr The effective addition of a second narrator Balthazar means that not everything is filtered through Balfhazar sensibility, so other characters durrrell greater individuality through the cross-lighting.

He was afflicted with Dumb Insolence, they said. We are experiencing technical difficulties. You could perhaps describe this book as a story about character, not plot, but that would be deceptive: