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Some of the circuits are available from Talking Electronics as a kit, but others will have to be purchased as individual components from your local electronics store. This occurs because the tank circuit made up of the 40 turns is receiving just enough feedback signal from the 12 turns to keep it fiiletype.

It turns off above 13v and Vc337 green LED illuminates above 13v. When the line voltage drops, the first BC turns off and the 10u charges via the 47k and gradually the second BC is turned on.

The collector of the third transistor can be taken to a buffer transistor to operate a relay or other device. The emitter of the BC will be about 0.

This causes the magnetic flux to collapse and produce a voltage in the opposite direction that is higher than the applied voltage.

The voltage at the mid point of diodes D1 and D2 can fall to As the voltage drops, the output drops from 5v on no-load to 4. TypeA produces a constant 3kHz tone that increases with loudness as the voltage increases. We know this type of person.


It keeps the antenna away from the highly active collector and turns the coil into an auto-transformer where the energy from the 8 turns is passed to a single turn.

In fig 3 the voltage will be above 7v. Each coil produces a positive and negative pulse, each time the magnet passes from one end of the slide to the filethpe.

The relay sends say positive out the top lead and when the top limit switch is opened by the motor reaching the end of its travel, it stops. The “press-to-talk” switches should have a spring-return so the intercom can never be left ON.

For those who enjoy model railways, the ultimate is to have a fast clock to match the scale of the layout. The regulators can handle mA, mA and 1 amp, and produce an output of 5v, as shown. This type of circuit can be designed to operate from about 10Hz to about kHz.

Vibrating VU Indicator This circuit can be used to monitor the output of a stereo to warn when the level is too high. The transformer will be very inefficient and thus the circuit will be very inefficient.

Create Barcode in ABAP : conversion to PDF

When fiketype junction sees a voltage above about 5v, it breaks down and this causes the voltage to reduce. It would be nothing for an enthusiast to build 30 – 40 circuits from our previous Transistor eBook and a similar number from this book. Both circuits operate the same and have the same effect on loading the output of the gate. This is called “Hunting. Telephone amplifier circuits are completely different to normal amplifier circuits.


They stay turned on by the voltage and current provided by the first transistor. We take the 15mA and say: For a 5v regulator, the output can be 5v to 30v.

Create Barcode in ABAP : conversion to PDF – 程序园

The frequency changes when you add a u across the power rails. They all break down at a particular voltage. The collector is directly connected to the base of a BCcalled the driver transistor. The voltage across the microphone is about mV bv337 mV.

But if this voltage is delivered, then turned off, you get an enormous shock and you pull yours fingers off the touch pads. The following circuit pulses a latching relay every 30 seconds. A single-coil latching relay normally needs a reverse-voltage to unlatch but the circuit at the left provides forward and reverse voltage by using 2 transistors in a very clever H-design. Make sure the LEDs are not visible to other users.