BIOPURE CASE SUMMARY Course: Strategic Marketing Management Name: Firat Sekerli The Problem: Biopure Corporation has two new products that are. The study shows that Biopure should immediately launch Oxyglobin rather than wait for Hemopure’s FDA Approval then launch both products. View Test Prep – Biopure case analysis from COMM at University of British Columbia. Biopurecaseanalysis SizingthemarketforHemopure Analysis Launch.

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Biopure Corp. – Case – Harvard Business School

More people will know about and recognize the brand, the brand an be set to higher prices. This can be one of the attack point Biopure may receive from rivalries and protagonists.

Widely regarded as the most prestigious professional tennis tournament in the world and contested each year over two weeks in late June and early July, Wimbledon, in many ways, had changed little over the stury.

It is early and Biopure Corp. Direct sales method to emergency care practices in big city area is preferable to maximize profit while emergency care practices in shudy city area will be approached by distributors to increase sales.

Biopure Case

In addition to that, Oxyglobin is an innovative product in which Biopure has the power to position Oxyglobin as a premium product, therefore, can charge at a higher price. However, more often than not, managers of incremental new biopre predict demand within the right order of magnitude.

The biiopure demand of blood transfusion creates opportunities and higher chance of success for the Oxyglobin. So if prices are set too high, a lot of customers will not be interested in trying blood substitute.

Without strong establishment of effective result of using blood substitute instead of blood transfusion, the firm cannot go for premium prices in these markets.

But the needs of blood are very high over the available products. Currently, the demand for animal blood substitute is large sthdy the supply of animal blood is relatively small; therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for the company to explore.


The company can enjoy the high sales volume and established networks for geographic coverage from the large distributors, while being affluence with high contribution from low bargaining power customer like the veterinary practices.


In order to evaluate and make a decision, we analyze the blood substitute markets along with the analysis of the two scenarios.

I believe that this is a big opportunity for Biopure to enter the veterinary market because Oxyglobin has already passed an FDA — approval process specific to the veterinary market. Price — At least USD per unit, in fact, the company could charge even higher as appropriate because demand is high, and supply is low.

Firstly, the substitute blood is free of infectious agents and contamination. But they cannot go to the blood bank to donate their blood; their owners have to take them for it.

Skip to main content. With continuous improvement according to the situation, Biopure not only will allocate marketing spending more efficiently, but also will perform more effectively.

Biopure Corp.

So sellers cannot hide them any information about the products and have to offer them both positive and negative effects to them. As a result Biopure should launch itself into the market with Oxyglobin, not only because the market is small and still attractive, but also can generate revenue and possibly profit for further investment.

Strategic Marketing Management Sutdy So the sellers have more bargaining power. Biopure Corporation has two new products that are Oxyglobin and Hemopure.

Which distribution channel the firm will use also play a significant role in determining the firm success in introducing new products to market.

Buyers will be hesitant to use these new products because of the anxiety on the quality and reliability of the products. Biopure will be the first one to break through the animal blood substitution market given that Biopure currently is the only company who attains the FDA approval for animal blood substitute.

And the products in this market are only donating blood and blood substitutes. The length of time for approval processing may take more than 2 or 3 years.


Biopure Case | Case Study Template

Gourville and David Arnold. Moreover, the strong finance stuyd is also needed to support research and development the product as well as the introductory advertising. Though it is true that there is not yet any direct competitive product any the moment, the market is still very attractive. Study and do market research —Every once in a while, marketing budget should go towards researching, studying the market. This is not to say that managers etudy get it right, as has been made evidently clear in the case of New Coke, dry beers, and the Edsel.

Instead of making a contract with one of the biopuee, Biopure should consider of distributing Oxyglobin by using its salesforces. But due to the low rate of donation and the relative short-life of RBCs, the experiences periodic biopurr of RBCs for utilizing in medical facilities always happen during the winter and summer holidays. Without ability to provide consistent customer satisfaction and all the hard work of creating awareness and tendency to trial our product could all go to waste.

By understanding the market, customer, and final consumer, Biopure can then effectively make projections biipure future marketing plan accordingly. Branding — recommended order of branding activities after launching Oxyglobin, as below. Increase availability and accessibility — After acquiring product awareness, Biopure must expand its market and increase distribution channels, especially where there is high demand.

So sudy suppliers have more power to the sellers. With this set price of immediate launch, Biopure will reach breakeven point for Oxyglobin in year with the amount of 2. Thus, the company could have a better chance to emerge its product to this area since prospect customers in this area can afford a higher price for animal blood substitute.