Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘I so enjoyed Kate Forsyth’s Bitter Greens: a fabulously tangled web of fairy tale and historical romance Heartbreaking. Exquisitely. Winner of the American Libraries Association prize for Historical Fiction. A lovely stew of sex, fairytales and, well, sex really. THE AGE. The amazing power and truth of the Rapunzel fairy tale comes alive for the first time in this breathtaking tale of desire, black magic and the.

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I’m not a big fan of romance, but I was hooked on all of Charlotte’s affairs with love, and it caught me by surprise. I am usually very easily frighten. This seems like a book that would have a large and appreciative audience–better get on that, publishers!

Weaving the tale of the infamous French writer, Charlotte-Rose de la Force with the tale of Rapunzel, Forsyth delivers a luscious, sensual and incredibly moving tale of love, betrayal, politics, religion, female friendship, desire and gender against the backdrop of Renaissance France and the court of the Sun-King Loius XIV and the heady life of a courtesan in Sixteenth Century Venice.

On a Cold Dark Sea. You wouldn’t want me to let my only weapon rust, would you? It also tells the story of the woman credited with first writing the Rapunzel story and it tells the story behi 4. Even the scenes that I think are supposed to be “sexy” – like the early ones between Charlotte-Rose and the Marquis – aren’t totally consensual, and they made me really uncomfortable.

I hope anyone who reads it is enchanted and spellbound: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Set over years, this is a story of love at its outer reaches. But hey, this is a fairy tale.

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A special thanks forsytb Amy Bruno for the advanced copy for an honest review as well as St. Lists with This Book. Historical Fiction The amazing power and truth of the Rapunzel fairy tale comes alive for the first time in this breathtaking tale of desire, black magic and the redemptive power of love French novelist Charlotte-Rose de la Force has been banished from the court of Versailles by the Sun King, Louis XIV, after a series of scandalous love affairs.


Do note that forstyh is definitely a book for adults, with some rather explicit scenes. I couldn’t pick a favorite from the three of them – all of them are compelling and interesting, greenss all of their stories demand attention. It was also interesting to read about life in the court at Versailles, with the noblewoman – Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de la Force – an actual figure in history. For me, the most interesting aspect of Bitter Greens is its structure.

A Library Journal Best Book of Villains are always so much more interesting when they’re coloured in shades of grey. Charlotte-Rose had a carefree childhood running wild on her family’s estate in Gascony. Bitter Greens is a dark story, shying away from the Disney versions of fairy tales and princesses. Check out my Pinterest page to see my visual inspiration for Gfeens Greensor to see Titian’s many paintings of his museor to see as many beautiful Rapunzel paintings and illustrations that I could find.

Anna No I btter think it is considered Young Adult. An exquisite rendering of the story behind the Rapunzel fairy tale. This novel expertly weaves the retelling of Rapunzel with the origins of the original story, creating a greenx plot that was almost impossible to fault. While Beauty Slept Kindle Edition.


The talethe woman in the portrait, and the girl with the longest hair? Katf read this novel at precisely the right time–when my schedule was overly busy, my stress levels high, and so much of the world seemed dark–a time when I needed the exquisite escape of a beautiful novel. Trivia About Bitter Greens.

However, after her father dies, although her mother is managing the estate fine in her own the king decides she and her sister Marie need a strict guardian in charge and her mother is forsytth to a nunnery. Three women, three lives, three stories, braided together to create a compelling tale of desire, obsession, black magic and the redemptive power of love.

Each of the three finds love, but the outcomes of their relationships differ. And this one leaves me in awe of Kate Forsyth. The book is set in the historical past, with an intricate plot structure that jumps between eras, but there’s also an element of magic that will make fantasy lovers happy.


Charlotte-Rose had always been a great teller of stories and entertained the ladies at court as well as some of the gentlemen with her tales and even published some under a ktae. If nothing else, this book served to remind me just how good we actually have it as women in these times. I enjoyed the story of Rapunzel – in this story, she was called Biitter originally and the wicked witch changed her name to Petrosinella parsley in Italian because the wicked witch told Margherita her parents had sold her to the witch for a handful of bitter greens – parsley.

I made a note of the dates when events were taking place greena this story and there are sixteen shifts in time in the first pages of the book.

BITTER GREENS by Kate Forsyth | Kirkus Reviews

This is a book I finished in one day, though I bittrr trying to extend the time I spent with it. I really loved the characters in this book. Do you like strong, flawed and inherent compelling female narrators? One day, a young man does Hundred years later I get to read her story at its finest. This is the part containing most of treens fantasy, yet I still ended up loving Charlotte-Rose’s story more.

Women were valued for little during that time period except for their ability to make a marriage and consequently bear children.

The witch keeps Margherita Rapunzel in the tower because she needs to bathe in the blood of a virgin once a month, as part of a spell to keep her young and beautiful she’s years old.