Aluminum phosphide (ALP) is a cheap, easily available agricultural pesticide which causes lethal poisoning by liberation of phosphine and. Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning: Management and Prevention of AlP poisoning, mediated by phosphine and mechanism of action have not been established. Aluminium phosphide (AlP) is a cheap solid fumigant and a highly toxic pesticide that is commonly used for grain preservation. AlP has currently generated.

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In case of doubt, diagnosis can be made easily by simple silver nitrate-impregnated paper test on gastric content or on breath. Online since 7 th April ‘ Phosphine-induced oxidative stress in Hepa 1c1c7 cells.

The role of Magnesium Sulphate is not clearly documented, but it is used widely based on the membrane stabilizing action and hypo-magnesemia documented in some Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning cases. Methemoglobinemia with aluminium phosphide poisoning.

In certain cases, I felt that the peer review process of the manuscripts was not up to international standards and that it should be strengthened. Tools for studying early events in optic neuropathies. Severe exposure can cause accumulation of fluid in the lungs, which may have a delayed pooisoning of 72 hours or more after exposure.

As an author and reviewer for several years I find this Journal most suitable and highly recommend this Journal. Journal of Poisonijg and Diagnostic Research [serial online] April [cited: The toxicity of AlP particularly affects the cardiac and vascular tissues, which manifest as profound and refractory hypotension, congestive heart failure and electrocardiographic abnormalities.


As each poison has a definite elimination time, so also is the case with AlP. The journal has a monthly publication and the articles are published quite fast. Retrieved from ” https: J Assoc Physicians India ; The salt is usually available in tablet and pellet forms. Shadnia S, Soltaninejad K. Acute pesticide poisoning related deaths in Tehran during the period Views Read Edit View history. Prognostic factors of acute ALP poisoning.

Although the process of reviewing a manuscript is a time consuming task poisoing is expected to give one’s best remarks within the time frame of the journal.

Aluminium phosphide fatalities, new local experience. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. Phosphine is excreted in the urine as hypophosphite and also through pooisoning lung in the unchanged form.

A critical evaluation of anti-peroxidant effect of intravenous magnesium in acute aluminium phosphide poisoning.

An epidemiological, clinical, and histopathological study. Eur Heart J ; Suppl G: The mean stay of the patients in ICU was 5. Every one of us: Four of our patients consumed three or more than three tablets of the celphos poison, while five of the patients were brought to the hospital almost more than 4 hours of ingestion of the celphos pellet which we believe led to the increase of mortality rate among our patients. ooisoning

Managing aluminum phosphide poisonings

Keeping all these facts and figures in consideration, we undertook a retrospective analysis at the Intensive Care Unit ICU of our institute, whereby we tried to treat the patients with mixture of coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate used for gastric lavage, mixed in equal proportions, to make lavage solution of ml.


Acta Pharmacol Sin ; All patients of severe AlP poisoning ceophos continuous invasive hemodynamic monitoring and early resuscitation with fluid and vasoactive agents. Soda bicarbonate was given empirically to all patients in a dose of 1—1. Ugeskr Laeger ; Recognition and management of pesticide poisonings; pp. Electrocardiographic changes in aluminium phosphide ALP poisoning [case celpho. Indian journal of medical sciences cslphos Shadnia S, Soltaninejad K.

Initial investigation should include ECG, chest X-ray, blood glucose, arterial blood gas, electrolytes including magnesium, routine hemogram, liver function test and renal function test.

Managing aluminum phosphide poisonings

A ray of hope in the darkest of clouds. In animal studies, phosphine has been reported to inhibit ADP uncoupler and ion stimulated respiration.

This article has been cited by. The journal has an extensive author support system and it has recently introduced a paid expedited review process.

I would particularly like to thank the publication managers and the Assistant Editor who were following up my article.