circulated provided that proper attribution to the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) is made. CLUP GUIDEBOOK A Guide to Comprehensive. CLUP GUIDEBOOKS. OTHER GUIDEBOOKS. *Click the image to view file. Section 18 – Balanced Housing Development of Republic Act. No. Are you familiar with the CLUP and Zoning Ordinance? of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? The Comprehensive Land Use Plan ( CLUP).

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Orient the Planning Team.

Guidebooks and Frameworks | HLURB

Review of Organizational Structure and Support Rationalised Planning System; Kevin Lynch. The question we had during our review was if the HUC would follow suit and be required to have an income of M as well. Figure 9 presents the step process, which provides the general procedures from which the planning team can proceed with the CLUP and ZO preparation. This volume discusses the rationale of the CLUP from the different laws, and its linkage to other development plans.

Benefits of having a CLUP 5. Prescribe reasonable limits and restraints on the use of property within the jurisdiction of the municipality Sec. Hierarchy and Linkage of Plans Have your copies of the environmental laws beside you when you read this volume for quick reference.

Co-Management Guidelines on Forest Areas In the updated ones, we incorporate the ridge-to-reef approach in planning, as well as the new mandated elements of the CLUP. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The core team will coordinate the planning activities, draft and consolidate the contents of the CLUP document. It shall be the unifying and integrating horizontal framework in the identification of both public and private land use management strategies and policies including disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.


The basic tasks and activities per step are all outlined, and a Gantt chart format can be used to keep the planning activities on track. Recommended Expanded Easement for Coastal Areas Volume 1 is then subdivided into the following major sections: Prior to the selection of stakeholders the GIS guidebok of the planning team should beable to delineate the watershed boundaries and overlay it with an admin boundarymap to determine the neighboring LGUs that should be part of the consultation ofstakeholders.

Risk and Suitability Analysis Matrix Every chapter provides an introduction, objectives, key inputs, expected outputs from gudebook working groups, key participants, and the substeps per all of the 12 steps in the CLUP process. Major sections of Volume 1. It is also in recognition of the need to mainstream climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and the growing demand for the integration of planning for critical resources such as upland, coastal, ancestral domain, biodiversity areas, heritage and urban greening, which are not yet appropriately addressed by existing local enabling policies and planning guideook.

Lani Guising Msaog Tumbaga May 27, at 1: Recommended Gyidebook for Stakeholder Identification: Identify stakeholders by key planning anddevelopment sectors or coverage. List of FiguresFigure 1. Sieve Mapping and Suitability Analysis Linking consumption and production areas to achieve physical and economic integration through appropriate infrastructure systems.

The CLUP covers a planning period of nine years guifebook the minimum. Prepare and disseminate IEC materials. In predominantly IP communities, the tribal practices of communal consultation and decision-making maybe adopted and integrated into the enhanced CLUP process.


These plans guideboook likewise be consistent and linked with the identified policy guidelines and options of the four major land use policy areas to ensure their complementation in the protection, conservation, development and management of these resources.

Provided, that the formulation, adoption, or modification of said plan shall be in coordination with the ap- proved Provincial Comprehensive Land Use Plan. While some board takers are worried about whether they should study the updated versions or the old ones, I recommend the updated ones.

The integration and harmonization of the physical framework plans guiebook all levels shall be iterative to ensure that the concerns of both top and bottom levels of government are considered.

The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles

The annotated copy I have at home is almost 2 inches thick. Draft the Zoning Ordinance Suggested Composition of the Planning Team You learn from it every time you read it.

Consistent with this, PA 21 has a poverty reduction agenda that includes measures to create an enabling economic environment for sustained and broad-based growth; improve employment, productivity and income; and attain food security.

The National Physical Framework Plan should be the reference point by which subsequent national and local sectoral or development plans are directly linked and aligned. Steps The activities under this step are: Forest Irrigators or farmers Step clu.