There are three different types of genetic mutations in the Cockatiel. These are Sex-Linked, Recessive, and Dominant. The Sex-linked mutations are Pearl. Explore Jagadish Jay’s board “Cockatiels and its mutations” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Birds, Cockatiel and Beautiful birds. Different mutations of cockatiels | See more ideas about Parrots, Beautiful birds and Parakeets.

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Sexing information is also provided whenever available.

The adult white face male will get a bright solid white head after he has his first moult. The bird was a female. In females, barring is visible on the underside of the tail. Albino No pigments produced. The plumage is white with yellow pearling.

It just means they carry the gene and have the potential to produced pied babies, but they themselves are not actually pied. If the Fallow is also pied the eyes tend to remain cockatlel brighter pinkish red color. The next generation of this pairing would produce albinos of both sexes at the ratio of one to eight.

The silver I observed in Europe was silvery grey in color, but others I have seen in the U. The cockariel, Nymphicus bollandicus, is undoubtedly one of the most popular species among aviculturists. Later on white-faces, silvers and albinos have stirred up excitement in aviculture.

All lutino cockatiels have red eyes though it can vary from a deep red that looks dark to a bright, obvious red.

They first occurred in the aviaries of Mrs. Though it has been bred through to the offspring, I do not believe this is a mutation. One of the best is a bird completely clear except for two evenly marked grey patches on the back of each wing. This mutation occurred in Europe in the late 70’s.


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The lutino mutation occurred from two normal looking cockatiels in in Florida and belonged to C. You can visually sex a White Face If it’s had its first molt but some take until their second molt to really show their “true colors” a Female white face will not have a full white mutqtions, it’ll be Mutarions like her body with a tint of white, where as an adult male white face has a full white head – but this again is only for Normal White Faces. Lutino is the mmutations very common color. At hatch the eyes appear pale pink and the pupils will look like they glow from within.

Remember, we were only talking about the main color of the body; there are other mutations to talk about yet! Normal Grey is the natural color that cockatiels are in the wild. One of the main reasons for its popularity among aviculrurists is that several mutations have occurred in this species.

The main difference though is that the double factors are lighter than the single factor ones. Moon purchased this new mutation and was the person responsible for developing this mutation strain.

As adults the cock bird is a darker shade than the hen. Fallow is recessive and both birds must carry the gene. It can be mutation for a light grey, but has a browner overtone, and a paler, softer appearance.

Chapter 7 – COCKATIEL MUTATIONS, A Bounty of Color

The plumage is a light, silvery grey. Some of the best heavy pieds that we produce come from light pied parents. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Hold back all the offspring, which will be splits to fallow. The body plumage can vary from a Lutino appearing bird with very pale warm beige wash to a soft light milk chocolate shade, with a deep yellow suffusion to the face and chest of both sexes.


Both males have the solid head color and are losing their pearls. Additionally, immature birds have wider pelvic bones. Let me try to explain.

Cockatiel Mutations

Note that it is different to the normal dull of the immature and female face, cocmatiel is apparent even in the immature female face as a clearly different, pastel’, shade of yellow and orange.

The Charcoal does not carry any yellow pigment; without the yellowish background, the bird appears to be sooty charcoal in color. So as you can see Pearl cockatiels are not unique by any means. In all young birds and the adult females, the face is still duller, but it’s a dull grey with a fainter grey cheek spot, rather than the dull yellow and orange remember, mutatoins is no yellow or orange in a white face tiel.

So you hear about these different colors and patterns, but how do you tell them apart, and more importantly, what type is YOUR bird!? A Cinnamon female looks identical to the cinnamon male, the only differences are the face is not as bright yellow, and a female muattions have the wing spots on the underside of the wings and the bars on the underside of the tail, typical of most females.

The origin of fallows is not dockatiel confirmed.