Likewise, the State’s commitment is to formalize this activity in all areas of the country (CONPES and. Decree ), encouraging the creation of regional . SEGURIDAD ALIMENTARIA Y NUTRICIONAL EN COLOMBIA Disponibilidad Acceso Consumo Aprovechamiento y Utilización Biológica. Consejo Nacional de Política Económica y Social República de Colombia Departamento Nacional de Planeación Carlos Gustavo Silva Villamil.

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Desarrollo a escala humana resumen ; www. In short and according to our findings, it is advisable to restore the program of epidemiological vigilance of the bovine tuberculosis using the methodologies proved in the present study, initially in the departments where we found positivity to M.

According to De MiguelPAR identifies as “[…] a collective pursuit of knowledge for the use and provide results rests with the government involved, which must have given the process of knowledge while experienced collective maturation process”. To other risk factors such as: It is necessary to highlight the fact that it becomes necessary to complement this investigation with the study of other animals that they find in the estates so positives as negative, to demonstrate the presence of animals carrying Mycobacterium in subclinical state that they can be the reservoirs of this Mycobacterium.

Within this guidance is transcendence approaches that emphasize the generation of projects at the farm level technical criteriafamilies social contexts and communities collective levelalways seeking to improve the quality of life of producers and their families.

Plan Nacional de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional 2012-2019

Detection of Mycobacterium bovis -infected dairy herds using PCR in bulk tank milk samples. Processing of samples, lymph node and tissues with macroscopic lesions.

Ecohealth ; 9 2: Bovine tuberculosis, Mycobacterium bovisdiagnostic, molecular epidemiology, zoonosis Sources: The target population for PNSAN is the entire Colombian population, however it emphasizes on the most deprived and vulnerable territories and populations, among which are the population living in extreme poverty, displaced by violence and those affected by natural disasters; as well as, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly.

Lines of action Perspective or dimension of the economic means. Later, were centrifuged at 4.

The discrimination of M bovis from other members of M. Improve quality and safety in food and water. The Ethic Committee from National Institute of Health endorsed the study, considering that was an investigation without risk.


Documento by Carlos Gustavo Silva on Prezi

Ensuring access to food in cases of undesirable events natural, social or economic disaster. Sc, Maira Wintaco M, 1 M. Relation between variables of the herd and the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in the animals.

Sc, Martha Guerrero-Guerrero, 1 Bact. The totality of positive samples by this procedure, were samples of ganglions, An epidemiological perspective on bovine tuberculosis spotlighting facts and dilemmas in Iran, a historically zebu-dominant farming country. For the rural development project within a holistic approach, the result of the aggregation of exogenous and endogenous subsystems that relate to obtaining optimal physical fields such as biological, economic, social, environmental, accompanied by the elements of an administrative subsystem within a context, can lead to appropriate decision-making processes Figs.

Rather, it is important to establish criteria that will advance the creation of “a more open research context, so that their to deepen it” Villasante, The target population for PNSAN is the entire Colombian population; however it emphasizes the most deprived and vulnerable territories and populations, among which are the population living in extreme poverty, displaced by violence and those affected by natural disasters; as well as, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly.

Within this dimension of agriculture development considers the concepts and methodologies of Participatory Action Research PARwhich differs from traditional research in the sense of ensuring that the communities in which they do research, have interference in their processes, results and determination of its findings. BMC Microbiology ; 6: Among the isolations with pattern from M bovis family, 7 were spoligotypes before reported: Recalling the origins of the PAR remembers Lewin who presented as an alternative to traditional research, in which the separation between science and practice was radical.

The results were confirmed in the training process was subsequently developed. Study guides a process of reality or of selected aspects of it, with scientific rigor.

The supernatant was discarded and the sediment was re-suspended with 1 ml distilled sterile water Definition producers farm project ideas, family and community. Workshops were conducted based on the methodology caribbean Total Quality Management, Reengineering and Strategic Bases for Strengthening Business designed and directed by this article author.


Analysis is specified by a model with an emphasis on sustainable agribusiness production chains related to agricultural food items in a specific region. The main points made in each area of work were the following:.

The staff was chosen early induction. Foodborne Pathog Dis ; 9 2: Mycobacterium bovis bovine tuberculosis infection in North American wildlife: A review of current and emerging diagnostic techniques in view of their relevance for disease control and eradication.

To promote integrated development in rural communities in Colombia and other Latin 337 countries have proposed different working models that emphasize specific aspects of the so-called “agricultural production systems”.

The supernatant was discarded, preserving the sediment, which was decontaminated by Kudoh method To investigate the presence of Mycobacterium bovis and other Mycobacterium species in samples of cattle and buffalo in Colombia, to start the molecular characterization of M.


Rural development is considered as a process that aims to improve the current capacity and potential of the inhabitant of the sector, which refers not only to production levels and productivity of agricultural items. Possible Public Health Relevance. Approach to alternatives related to crops; technical and economic analysis; design essentials for training and development of appropriate primers to these agricultural alternatives. Ensuring access to food for priority groups. In Colombia there are at least 7 genotypes of M.

Transbound Emerg Dis ; doi: This is constituted in a serious threat of zoonosis not only for the manipulators conpss the estates infected, but also for the manipulators of the productive chain and the final consumers.

Achieving coordinated action within and between sectors around Food Security and Nutrition, with the participation of all stakeholders. Prevent and reduce malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies.

In this regard, there exist studies that demonstrate connpes the M. Plan training and booklets on family businesses; parallel to these efforts and as part of the chain, incorporation of technological innovations in the search for improved food security and nutrition. Vet Rec ; 3: