Rear Window has ratings and 38 reviews. Kelly (and the Book Boar) said: Find all of my reviews at: did I not. Rear Window has ratings and 61 reviews. Bev said: This Rear Window collection of stories () by Cornell Woolrich contains stories from and. Cornell Woolrich’s “Rear Window” First-person narrator. Hal Jefferies tells the story of his discovering and solving a murder by watching out his rear window.

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The local doctor can find nothing to suggest anything but natural causes, but he reports the unexpected death to the local sheriff, as required by law. You always do manage to pull it off. If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ve got the basic plot. Woorlich out of here you! Perhaps there’s a relationship?

Now in his 60s, with his eyesight failing, lonely, psychologically wracked by guilt over his homosexuality, tortured by his alcoholism, self-doubt, and a diabetic to boot, Woolrich neglected himself to such a degree that he allowed a foot infection to become gangrenous which resulted, early inin the amputation of a leg. Failing in both his attempt at marriage and at establishing a career as a screenwriter the unconsummated marriage was annulled in ; Woolrich garnered no screen creditsWoolrich sought to resume his life as a novelist:.

Five short stories loaded with tension; in true genre short story style they’re invariably about a final punchline but Woolrich had a fair amount of skill when it came to ratcheting up the tension and that’s what leaves him recognised as a master of his craft. Only read this if you don’t have neighbors who seem to know too much about you.

Cornell Woolrich

That would make me feel better. Jeffries laid up for a month in a full leg cast, noticing the comings and goings of his neighbors, one wooleich them he assumes woklrich involved in committing and covering up the murder of his wife. Thank you Hitchcock and Cornell Woolrich! A man who was known as a very disgruntled fellow who never cracked a smile, let alone laughed at a joke has died–apparently from laughing too hard.


My only complain is, that the story was not long enough Like many I come to the story after being a long time fan of the film.

A spokesman for the theater says additional dates are impossible because of “A Christmas Carol,” the theater’s next show. I think this book was spoiled for me because the blurbs on the back that described each story gave me enough information woolricu figure out the ending long before I actually got to it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Rear Window

Oct 21, Wilier rated it liked it. Without at all diluting the suspense, Hitchcock makes the story into a deeper work by providing the immobilized protagonist with his own conflicted emotional life and expanding the few hints the narrator provides about his other neighbors into separate dramas taking place in parallel with the central plot taken from Woolrich.

Apparently this is one of Woolrich’s more frequently printed stories because I have read it in a few collections. Here, in this special collection, are his classic thrilers, including ‘Rear Window’, the story cornel Hal Jeffries who, trapped in his apartment because of The story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece!

The Story Of Who Owns ‘Rear Window’ Mirrors A Cornell Woolrich Tale – Hartford Courant

Jeffries has no girlfriend doing his running about for him. Though she disapproves of trashy best-sellers, she disapproves of book vandalism even more. And woolricj else is watching with us. You can’t go wrong with these stories from the master. Each time he fought through and cleared his senses again. Then there is this book’s title which more are familiar with from the Hitchcock movie.

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And he has binoculars.

Read it for school, and also saw the movie! No trivia or quizzes yet. Always starring at you! Is he going crazy? My first through and through read of the year, and a very short one at just 47 pages. It was during this illness a Rear-Window -like confinement involving a gangrenous foot, according to one version of the story that Woolrich started writing, producing Cover Chargewhich was published in Retrieved May 7, Rear Window is my all-time favorite Hitchcock movie, so when I discovered it had been based on a short story, I knew I had to read it.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. If Jeff had a girlfriend, we don’t know about it. I liked it, but I liked the movie better. No one will interfere with them–after all they’re not wjndow.

The tension builds almost immediately, and it is interesting, at least in the beginning, to wonder whether the narrator’s speculations of murder are correct, wondow of windpw simply a bored invalid who should spend less woolrihc spying on his neighbors.

This short story is not even close to the awesomeness of the movie. He arrives when he thinks she should have just gotten home from work, but the apartment is dark.

But I don’t have that. And there are a few changes here additions there between the story and the film but I am not complaining. Return to Book Page. At times the trees were outlined against the copper western sky. However, wooldich collections of his short stories were issued in the early s.