est de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT 5 El Test de Habilidades Mentales Primarias “PMA” (Thurstone, ) Test de Aptitudes. Diferenciales. TEST DAT (APTITUDES). Updated 29 May Transcript. TEST DE. APTITUDES (TAD). VIVIANA GONZALEZ DIAZ. ORIETTA NORDIO PONTIVO. Documents Similar To Test Aptitudes Diferenciales. Presentación-interpretación Manual Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT. Uploaded by. Javier Salcedo.

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They are less able diferencialez solve verbal and numerical problems of an academic nature. Tolerates disorder, unexacting, casual, lax. At the extreme, they can inhibit their spontaneity, sometimes to the point of appearing constricted. Baremos en decatipos para adultos, varones, mujeres y ambos sexos reunidos. Extreme scorers may be thick-skinned or attention seeking.

Open-to change, experimenting, freethinking. They may find it hard to rein in their enthusiasm in situations that call for restraint or decorum. For some test takers, reactivity can reflect current life stressors; for others, it may characterize their way of life. This index should not replace full-length measures of aptltudes ability. However, extremely high tension can lead to impatience and irritability. This can indicate lower intellectual ability, but it is also related to educational level.


Openness to Change Q1 ———————————————————————————.

F -Test 16 P. Relaxed, placid, tranquil, patient.

Extreme scorers may seem flexible and diferencialds, but they may also seem unorganized, unprepared, or undisciplined. They are willing to talk about themselves readily, even about fairly personal matters. The Psychological Corporation, They are more able to solve verbal and numerical problems of an academic nature. They enjoy spending time alone and prefer to rely on their own thinking and judgment.

When the sixteen primary traits were themselves factor-analyzed, they revealed five Global Factors which describe difeenciales at a broader level. These Global Factors are: At the extreme, they can be perceived as inflexible, moralistic, or self-righteous. That is, because they are comfortable, they may be disinclined to change or push themselves. DHAC -Desarrollo de las habilidades cognitivas: They are likely to avoid conflict by acquiescing to the wishes of others, and they aptituces willing to set aside their own wishes and feelings.

diferencia,es A certain amount of tension is necessary to focus effectively and can motivate action. They tend to boldly initiate social contacts, be fearless in the face of new or intimidating social settings, and to be risk-takers seeking adventure.


Download Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT: Con Cuadernillos (Spanish Edition) Read Online

They are high spirited and stimulating and drawn to lively social situations. They may be unable to relax their vigilance, and at the extreme their mistrust may have an aspect of animosity. Existen dos formas 1 y 2 que corresponden a niveles de dificultad diferentes. Calm, stable, mature, diferencciales. These Global Factors are:. Carefree, enthusiastic, spontaneous, energetic.


They are most effective in organized and structured situations, and may find it hard to deal with unpredictability. They enjoy experimenting, and tend to think critically or question authority.

At the extreme, their vat level of arousal can make them unmotivated. Warm, caring, soft-hearted, and generous. They are laid back, easy-going, and composed. They tend to be vocal in expressing their opinions and wishes.