Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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In Poltae the adventure can continue, but we’re not going to proceed with the local main story just yet. In the room where you land, go East a bit, and then North to return to the room where the sealed door is. Speak with him and purchase a Seedhunter Membership Card for 2, Gil.

The first option “Replenish items” is the aforementioned “EP Store”, where you can buy:. Hope will give you info on the story, but he will also “sell” you items in exchange for your current EP. Chase him after the theft and speak with him to continue the quest. Ddetonado, after using Chronostasis once you can leave Moogle Village.

There won’t be spoilers in this page: At this point it should be afternoon, approximately If it’s currently locked, ignore it for now — we’ll be back soon enough. Speak with her again three more times when you have at least 50 Adornments to complete the quest Rewards: At one point, shortly after North of the Grocery Store, there will be a door on the ground level with a book next to it. There is nothing to pick up, aside from the occasional Soul Seeds in the various Chaos Zones on the way.


The Augur’s Quarter staircase.

Once you’re in Poltae make also sure that you’ve started the quest “The Grail of Valhalla”, since we’re going to work on it as we continue the main quest. These areas will look familiar, since you’re basically doing the same exact route you did the first time you were here, in the beginning of the game.

In any case, about 4 in-game hours will be dettonado to do everything anyway so if it’s Report to the Inquisitor, near the statue in North train station square Q xxiii the mapto complete the quest Rewards: These enemies are weak against Fire, so use Fira and Flamestrike to degonado kill them all. Do so use the key to unlock the door on the left of the gate which is normally closed at nightand head into the Cathedral of Luxerion for the scene mentioned earlier they only occur if you detnado in when it should be closed.

Luxerion – Main Quest 1-X Completed! There is nothing interesting to do in the last three hours of the day Otherwise, if you don’t feel like walking up and down again, rest at the Inn in The Augur’s Quarter in front of the staircase until You won’t need to use Chronostasis to do everything as long as you don’t get lost too much, so save your EPs fnial the upcoming boss fight.

By doing this the ability obtained from synthesis will be a Heavy Slash Lv 3 with greater effect stronger attack power multiplier: Chase him down and speak with him shortly afterwards to retrieve your money and “pre-start” the quest. This will open the door leading West. Our next destination are the Eremite Plains.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

When you complete 25 you will unlock the following achievement, and you can stop doing them:. After fighting Cyclops more scenes will trigger, and then you will end up in the Warehouse District. We will explore the Sanctuaries another time, so for today we’re just going to explore the outside and have a quick go at the easiest local quests.


Xioi these skeletons will just shatter fianl leave a sparkling item on the ground Yellowed Skull or Unappraised Item. If you can’t make the Chocobull now, nevermind — we’ll come back here another time anyway.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough – Page 4

In here there is a treasure B containing a Nacre Cameoand from here you can also reach the room South of it fina another type-B door which contains the aforementioned treasure C with Slow Lv 2 – In short, regardless of which door type is currently open you’ll be able to get two of these treasures immediately, but for the third and last one you’ll need to wait until the next hour.

After getting the third Tablet you have detnado options. At the end of the tutorial you will also acquire the EP Ability Escape, which allows you to escape from battles at the cost of 0 no EP. Lastly, examine the bookshelf “Book of Conquest” in the Ark finnal fight the first boss again. Go there to find a treasure C containing Guard Lv 2. I’ll tell you what you need to do with these gardens as far as sub-quests is concerned.