Buy El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) by Roberto Ampuero (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Novela policial en que el mismísimo Pablo Neruda contrata al detective Cayetano Brulé para resolver un caso: la búsqueda de una misteriosa mujer. : El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) () by Roberto Ampuero and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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I received this advance copy as a winner in a Goodreads First Reads drawing. His peace robeerto shattered when another man walks into the room and they begin talking.

This translation of a work published in gives us an intimate, if fictional, portrait of Pablo Neruda. He enrolled himself in the Humboldt University where he took postgraduate courses in literature, economics, and robsrto until If you want not stop action, mayhem, murder, psychopaths with chain saws in dark alleyways, then you will likely find this fine novel boring.

Roberto Ampuero

In this playful mystery, Ampuero answers with a resounding yes. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. The Neruda Case by Roberto Ampuero. Through Cayetano taking on Pablo Neruda’s case, we get to learn more about Pablo Neruda and the pol “The Neruda Case” is a great book is a mystery that stars the famous poet and one of my very favorite poets personallyPablo Neruda.

Ampuero wanted to show Neruda as he was—a complicated man of great contradictions. Occasionally Ampuero speaks of bolero and carimba, but as now when we read of detectives based in Europe or Africa, oftentimes they are listening to something America or Europe has produced.

You see Neruda as a morally flawed poetic genius.

You’re deluded and so clearly enamored of the “new democracy” in Chile, as you call the current neo-liberal government of which you are a member as Chile’s current ambassador to Mexico –BTW, a ruling-elite which came to power in after Pinochet’s fascists overthrew the democratically-elected government of Salvador Allende, murdering thousands of Chilean-leftists and destroying the dreams of millions in the CIA-backed coup of that you are either unable or unwilling to see the truth about Neruda or about the socialist governments you find so flawed!


People familiar with different Latin cultures will find the cultural references comforting with the various mentions of food and beverages scattered throughout the book. In the above passage Ampuero compares Neruda and Brecht as writers who know how to survive sometimes needing to compromise their own principles in doing so. Even in his epilogue where Ampuero talks about how and why he wrote the book, he fails to even suggest that the poet ever had a similar relationship or such a dying wish, or even had serious misgivings about his own relationships with women–as the words and thought’s that Ampero places in Neruda’s mouth and mind would lead readers to believe.

The reader may also be reminded of the great Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi.

The Neruda Case – Roberto Ampuero

See the locations of the book here – link: Retrieved December 21, Here the Cuban-born Cayetano is still a recent arrival: Jun 16, Bert Hirsch rated it really liked it. Der Fall Neruda – Deutschland. The entire qmpuero hangs itself on Neruda’s female conquests, but the end of Neruda’s life is also wrapped around the coup in Chile which saw the legitimately elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende be deposed by Agosto Pinochet and the Nixon White House.

He soon discovers that the Doctor is dead but his widow, the beautiful Beatriz Lederer and her daughter Tina, left Mexico for Cuba. En un momento en el que Chile estaba al borde del colapso. And the novel overall lacks the smooth polished Iowa Writers Workshop quality, so emblematic of popular American literary fiction these days.

But all three times I was petrified Then in he obtained a B. I do have one personal recollection of Neruda. There are many references, some sly or humorous, to Golden Age detectives, art, writers, TV and radio programs and other cultural markers of cado early seventies. In the end, it was a decently satisfactory story with a fairly satisfactory ending.

El Caso Neruda

It’s also a commentary on the betrayal and death of ideals. As I think of it, the book has some interesting parallels to True Believers that I shall not discuss here, lest I deprive a future reader of the delight of surprise. After living 17 years in Valparaiso, Ampuero moved in to the capital of the country, Santiago, to matriculate into the University of Chile.


The characters in each city are on the left, before the fall of the Soviet Union. Well written and engaging, Ampuero’s characters come to life. It’s not exactly a wild goose-chase, but the various leads lead Cayetano cazo to a number of left-leaning locales, notably Cuba and East Germany coincidentally or not, stations in the younger Ampuero’s life as well From the last days of the Allende government to the Pinochet takeover, this mystery covers a lot of historic ground as well as tidbits into the heart and soul of Neruda and his love for country.

But the greatest contradiction of the night that stuck in my mind was nerua head of the Spanish Department, an ultra-conservative admirer of Generalisimo Francisco Franco, embracing and kissing Neruda, an compromising and committed Stalinist Communist.

As they talk, Neruda provides him with a challenge — to find a man he has n Literary tourism?

A narcissist focused only on his own pleasures and gratification. Thanks to a contact in the Eastern German Embassy, he left Chile in after receiving a scholarship for journalism in the University of Karl Marx in Leipzig.

Neruda died in his house ampuego Isla Negra on 23 September six and a half hours after that injection. The story got better, the writing got better, and my interest got more piqued as I worked my way through the story. You have to live in the US and be ampueeo first to leave a comment. Obviously Ampuero is welcome to have his feelings, analyses and critiques about Neruda’s socialism as well as what this author apparently believes was Neruda womanizing and sexist egoism.