El clan del oso cavernario [Jean M. Auel] on Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario . Este libro es el mejor libro que he leído, lo recomiendo a cualquier adulto: “Los Pilares de la Tierra” de Ken Follett. EBOOKS / EPUB: Ken Follett – Los pilares de . Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Novela Histórica: El clan del oso cavernario, de jean m. auel. Compra, venta y subastas .

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I might buy them for myself for my B-Day!

El Clan del Oso Cavernario

Fortunately, we know she will survive, even without the help and comfort of the clan. With the earthquake event happening in the opening chapter, I was immediately hooked. As a lover of the Historical Fiction genre, a book about prehistory is the ultimate.

Does she find a mate? This is just one more infraction, in a long list of them, that fuels the hatred Broud, the leader’s son, feels for Ayla.

libro Oso cavernario – CALAMEO Downloader

Luckily for her, the same quake destroyed the cave of a clan of cavemen, and they are also wandering, in search of a new home. Fortunately, there were not TOO many of these scenes, but there were enough to be noteworthy. I get to the second to last page there are in this book, so I had been waiting for quite some time desperately anticipating the moment Broud realizes his love for Ayla they say hate is like love, don’t they? Seriously, people, I know the rest of this series focuses on romance, but this book does not, so please don’t shelve it as such!


View all 12 comments. If she was smart, she would’ve just pretended never to have heard of the book.

She’s known nothing but the stricture I find it sad that this story could have been staged in any period of history. The cro-magnons eventually replaced the Neanderthals when the Neanderthals failed to keep evolving. View all 6 comments. The antagonist is perfectly horrible. If anything about the story bugged me, it would be the sudden departures into talking about mixing medicines.

I loved reading about how they hunted, gathered and stored their food, made clothing and jewelry, and the contrasts between the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon in those aspects. Lawrence said, “Trust the tale and not the teller.

That being said, the story can get a little goofy and redundant in the later books, and I can see how some may call it “prehistoric porn” as the author is as descriptive when it comes to Ayla’s sexual encounters as she is in describing the making of a healing poultice of mustard seeds or a ochre tunic.

Love from some of her newfound family, but abuse from a man who can’t understand her desire for more than her assigned role as a female in the clan. I was osp the 5th grade. A weakness of Auel’s writing is the converse of her strong research: Ayla is resourceful and filled with a desire to develop and learn and be excited by the world, something the Clan find hard to comprehend let alone to emanate.

This book was powerful for me. It was very entertaining, transportive and as an author, what a project.

Ayla has managed to get to a Cave where she was chased by but evaded a Cave Lion. As ugly and strange to the clan as the girl seems, she brings them luck and they very soon find a new cave, even better than their last.


I’ll tell those who haven’t read it. I loved the main character Ayla; one of the bravest woman characters I’ve ever come across in a story. It’s so interesting to read about the clan’s reasoning for dividing the gender roles so clearly. She is almost a different species than them. Men also can force a woman to have sex whenever the desire hits them–even if the woman is not their wife. I really admire these epic books. The sex scenes didn’t corrupt me.

Loved learning about how herbs and foods and medicines were used and prepared, and was surprised and excited by the expertise shown. I can not believe how much I loved this book. It’s amazing the details of the flora, fauna caevrnario terrain of the prehistoric earth in general that was described in such a way that the reader really is left feeling as if this novel cavenrario part story, part history lesson. She can not only recall what she has been taught, but devise new treatments and medicines that would never occur to Iza.

Well, that’s because the girl I mentioned in the paragraphs preceding has been in charge of the book club in my ward for years. Ayla is not only a quick learner, but an inuitive one. In a way its perfect for around that age, because its all about struggling for acceptance and trying to learn the social norms of a society.