PDFs print without a problem. ERROR: invalidfont. OFFENDING COMMAND: xshow. It will begin the doc ok but stop in the middle and spit out a. Are you getting an error when printing from Adobe that says “Cambria not found, using Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand: show ]%%. I have the following problem: (a) a few days ago my Adobe Acrobat stopped creating pdfs, giving the Error: typecheck; OffendingCommand: findfont ]%%.

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But please correct me if I missing something.

This makes the information you got from Adobe understandable. Also, having too many fonts will slow down the system as they load at boot time, so trimming them down to what you actually use or encounter in documents is a good idea.

There is also an “optimize” option when you save the file which can reduce file size. All times are GMT. Win7 does not let me delete the Courier font because it is part of the operating system. The only trouble is that there are a multitude of these PDF’s to send out, so i have been tasked with the job of trying to get the report as small as possible – but at the same time legible.


Distiller 8.1.2 – Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand

I have no idea what format it may have initially been in as the ‘author’ has left the company and all i am left with is the bitmap I am ofendingcommand Distiller and Acrobat V 5. First thing would be to remove all of them except the base set of fonts which come with windows. Distiller uses Courier as a substitution font if the font that is request is not available. Postscript Error in Distiller 8 By Scanman adobeforums.

Any help would be much appreciated! Clyde, Acrobat 8 has reached it’s end of life, so you can no longer get support from Adobe for this version.

The Unix version of Acrobat Distiller 3. I believe that in acrobat 6 standard the problems were pretty much fixed Maybe that is what’s happening, and for whatever reason, Distiller cannot find Courier.

Solved: Postscript error: invalidfont when printing from P – Customer Support Forum

I am trying to downsizing a PDF. My gf speaks and types in over ten languages so I might start a war if I delete the wrong fonts. Sun Jan 25, Sat Feb 14, 3: Search for a specific post? So you are starting with a PDF file or a bitmap image file? If file contains text or not I receive the same error message: I will have to add all the other languages back again manually.

If it’s a problem caused by a Windows update, there is unfortunately nothing you can do. You can not post a blank message. In any event,I tried to no avail printing to pdf from both within the Adobe software and from the MS Office products.


Following is an update. The problem is the rip of the device you are printing to is failing to interpret invaildfont it converts it to a bitmap format for the printer.

Acrobat Distiller problems!!

Configure the Printer Driver Not to Substitute Fonts To resolve this problem for the current publication, follow these steps: The root case is likely that Acrobat is reading courier font registry information, invalidfpnt was changed by PhotoShop Elements. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Then you could start looking at the doc for something like a special font that MAY be causing the problem. No PDF file produced. There are several solutions for this kind of problem: But while you seem to have everything you need, I’m still puzzled by the CourierC files.

For the Windows version of Acrobat Distiller 2. I noticed the font manager I used Suitcase permanently installed font files into the main folder.