Thursday, 25 Oct , AM Welcome Guest. download ebooks gratis. Home » Files» My files. kutbah jum’at etika bertamu. [ Download. Etika Bertamu – D4EA PENS. Kursus Public Speaking. Etika Wawancara Kerja. 5 Project. KATA MUTIARA MOTIVASI – KETIKA ALLAH MENGUJIMU. In my country, we know this “etika bertamu” or in English: the ethics of being a guest. I think other countries have these types of unwritten ethics.

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Kalo fall menuju winter bgini kotanya mulai sepi jam 9an mas.

Etika Bertamu – D4EA PENS

We treat others as we expect them to treat us. Aku langsung deactivate couch aku sementara. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: That is the point. When we bertmau planning our trip, it is better to question what are we going to do in that city and where are we going to stay. Rather than setting rules, although I do have a few, it is better to look for somebody with natural hospitality ethics.

Offku jam lima ngko eyika kono kewengen.

HI Bhella, I feel so sorry for your experience. Notify me of new comments via email.

After Couchsurfing privatisation inI only invite people to a meal and show them around town. Each host and berrtamu has different rules. This is worse than the suddenly-missing host I had in Milan, Italy. All we have to do is trying to be the best surfer and the best host that we can. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They say i live so berfamu away so no need to make daily chit chat hahaha odd huh?!. So sorry to know that, Bhel.


Etika Bertamu – D4EA 2012 PENS

Two couchsurfers a couple contacted me and we agreed to meet up somewhere in Jakarta. Boleeh yu monggo mampir mas. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Since the commercialisation of Couchsurfing in I stopped hosting people for free, instead take workaway or AirBnB while still having even better experiences than Couchsurfing. The most important ethic is: We can go and back whenever we like. I hosted my last surfer in Septembera lovely German woma, very attentive and generous.

This is my blog which evolved from a couchsurfing blog into an ordinary travel blog and my passion for food. At first they postponed it. Skyping and pre-hosting correspondence is paramount.

So, okay I was able to reschedule it. I take them around for free of charges. Tapi setuju jg sm komen kak Icha diatas kalo masih ada bangak orang yg bener2 mhargai community ini. Your host is a host.


Even going back to the hostel at 3AM in the morning is OK! Menu Skip to content. Couchsurfing used to be a good place, a lot smaller than now and much more intimate. This site uses cookies. No news until a week later. In Indonesian we say bersikap kurang ajar dengan sifat yang sopan. When the trip is done or over, then suddenly they are not friendly anymore to me in social media.

We had profiles, references, photos but last but not least pre-hosting correspondemce, skyping or whatsapp adds much to the experience you are going to make. It is kind of ironic. I learn and reflect a lot from this experience. Lisbon-porto berapa jam ya?

Kuis Bertamu (Tata Krama)

I had been looking for that link when I wrote this post. They do not want to say hi at all in social media. I already cancel all my agenda that day to meet etioa. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

For me, I sleep before midnight because I have to pray before the sun rises and I always explain that to my guests.