Functions of the Executive, a groundbreaking contribution to management theory. In The Functions of the Executive, by C.I. Barnard, 30th anniversary edition. Most of Chester Barnard’s career was spent in executive practice. A Mount Hermon and Harvard education, cut off short of the bachelor’s degree, was followed. Purpose of the book is to provide a comprehensive theory of cooperative behavior in formal organizations. The motivation of the book came.

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Complete Channel should be used. Behavioral Theory of the Firm”.

He then wanted to make a complete study of management, not only specific aspects. Everyone must have access to the formal channel of communication. Zone of indifference is a zone of activity the orders falling within which will be accepted by the individuals unmindful of the nature of the authority. Willingness to cooperate to generate cooperation Cooperation is a creative process and leadership is a fulmination of its forces to establish the scheme of organization appointing personnel establish of channel of communication defining of purpose and goal of organization Taking responsibility He further gave the following qualities of a leader.

The Functions of the Executive: According to him an organization is a system of consciously coordinated activity of a group s in order achieve certain common goals.

Public Administration: Function of Executive (d)

Hence inducements can widen this zone. Barnard regards organization as a system that is part of a broader system called society. Barnard’s Teachings to Contemporary C.i.barnzrd Education: Saturday, August 10, According to Barnard this co-operative action comes into picture when the individual realizes that only alone he cannot achieve certain fnctions. It follows that the range of orders that will be accepted will be very limited among those who are barely induced to contribute to the system.


Contribution of the Kushanas to Indian Culture. Execcutive incentives to agree for co- operative action could be of two types: His Macro Theories of Organization”. Chapter VIII”The Structure of Complex Formal Organizations” pages 96—concerns the relationship of “superior” to “subordinate” organizations, the growth of organizations, and the relationship of small working “unit organizations” to “executive organizations” within complex formal organizations.

Impact of Liberalization on Administration in Developing Countries. The empire of the Kushanas proved a great civilising factor.

The Functions of the Executive

When a specific desired end is attained we shall say that the fumctions is “effective. Of course I built squarely on Barnard, and have always felt deeply indebted to him; science is a cumulative endeavor.

The Classical theory executice structural theory was funcgions on the following grounds: Key Concepts focused by Barnard: Barnard’s philosophy and thought c.i.barnrad in writing the book were characterized by humanismempiricismspeculative philosophy the interpretation of experience in a coherent frameworkand analysis of the dichotomy of individualism and collectivism. A member of the organization accepts a communication as authoritative only when four of the following conditions are simultaneously satisfied: What I would now regard as the principal novelties in Administative [ sic ] Behavior are the development of the concept of organizational identification…, the description of the decision process in terms of the processing of decision premises, and the bounded rationality notions….


Criticism of Classical Theory of Organization. Barnard attended Harvard University between and where he majored in economics; however, he did not obtain a degree. Chester Barnard is one of the most outstanding theorists in organizational theory. The first function of maintaining the communication network consists of defining the organizational positions i. The second is a study of the functions and of the methods of operation of executives in formal organizations.

Features of New Public Administration. The Functions of the Executive Detail of title page of eleventh printing. There is little consistency in the works of these writers The main themes discussed in the Minnowbrook I conference were: I believe that the expansion of cooperation and the development of the individual are mutually dependent realities, and that a due proportion or balance between them is a necessary condition of human welfare.

New Public Administration was established because it was realized that public administration needs to take cognizance of five major goals: