This is the Futaba 7C Ghz FASST airplane radio system with a RFS receiver, and four S Servos. The 7C sits squarely in the middle. Home · Radios; Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Image 1. Loading . : Futaba 7C GHz Heli Tx/Rx Only: Toys & Games.

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You can assign throttle activation to the throttle stick so that it actuates above any throttle setting you choose – excellent. With this technology, every two milliseconds the Futaba 2.

I assume that like the 7C you cannot do mixing involving the throttle channel such as throttle to elevator? The 7C supports that with up or down timing functions, and it is switch assignable. Endpoint adjustment for servos and sub-trim adjustments are included as well.

Also very nice is the inclusion of the Variable Rate dial for flap trim. You can set that value high, and each click is a great deal of trim change. The stick gimbals and switches are comfortably placed.

No issues with latency or signal delays. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Futaba 7c 2.4ghz Air R617fs 4-s3152 Transmitter

These 77c can be used nearly anywhere and in many regions of the world. Page 1 of 12 1. The receiver uses short lengths of flexible cable to extend the antennas well past the case.


I did not encounter any range or transmission issues even at substantial visual limits. Optimal configuration for the antennas is at 90 degree angles to each other to reduce the possibility of signal shadowing. Why do they still insist on shipping mah battery packs for the TX??? Assign it to a switch and push the set button. This should enable you to extend those antennas outside of the fuselage on full carbon ships. I used parallel receiver antenna orientation, and I pointed the transmitter antenna directly at the model.

I need nine channels, for my servo sailplane, and I’d prefer the Futaba over a JR The positions of the dual antennas is important. The switch tasks are largely user software assignable. Mar 10, This looks like THE 2. Universal futtaba connectors will insert without modification.

The receiver price issue is 7 on the existing channel ones – they are in line with others in the market. BB supported shaft Torque: You can assign what channel the second servo for flaperon is located on channel 5, 6 or 7.

I was glad to see that the system also has several preprogrammed mixes available.


I would love to see the proportional control sliders that I find especially useful for camber and flaps used on some models. I love the spring loaded switch for throttle cut. Also flown to limits of eyesight vertically and horizonally. While 6 is good, I personally prefer 22.4 option of being able to enter more characters in a model name.

Only the last 30mm of the wires functions as the actual antenna. The large LCD screen and user interface was simple and intuitive. Missing from the 7C transmitter is sliders. I felt futabz locked into the model at all times. Another great feature in the 7C system is the fail-safe.

Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System – AeroMicro

Yes you can program a lock switch. It should be noted that your standard 72MHz receivers can not be used with this transmitter. Futaba uses a two system approach for fail-safe: The great news here is that you can then use flaps as a separate function. I have flown the 7C with a number of different models from 8oz foamies to large club models.