Read or print original Gaudeamus Igitur lyrics updated! Gaudeamus igitur / iuvenes dum sumus. / Gaudeamus igitur / iuvenes dum. Gaudeamus Igitur official lyrics by Mario Lanza: Gaudeamus igitur Juvenes dum sumus. Gaudeamus igitur Juvenes dum sumus. Post. Gaudeamus igitur. Juvenes dum sumus. Post jucundam juventutem. Post molestam senectutem. Nos habebit humus. Therefore let us party. While we are young!.

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A model attribution edit summary using German: Provide song facts, names, places and other worthy info that may give readers ihitur perfect insight on the song’s meaning.

Gaudeamus igitur

iggitur Sign up or log in with. Why is this listed as a translation into “Gothic” instead of English? Post iucundam iuventutem Post molestam senectutem Nos habebit humus. I’m not sure whether the english expression forum really fits, but I guess there is hardly a better alternative.

Other translations I found were “commonship” and “community” but I think both don’t really fit here.

Gaudeamus igitur – Wikipedia

The author of translation requested proofreading. You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation.


Btw, at the time this latin text was written lurics were no female students. Vadite ad superos Transite in inferos Hos si vis videre. Long live our academy, Teachers whom we cherish; Long live all the graduates, And the undergraduates; Ever may they flourish.

Note also that Latin has a different syntax to English, and so some of the translation is not strictly line-for-line.

The letter ‘j’ used in some modern transcriptions does not occur in classical Latin. Long live our city, And the charity of benefactors Which protects us here. Vadite ad superos Transite in inferos Hos si vis videre.

Vita nostra brevis est Brevi finietur. Death ere long is on our back; Terrible is his attack;: Hallo lobolyrics die Korrekturen hast Du noch nicht umgesetzt s. May truth and gaudwamus thrive, Flourish with our fraternity, And our homeland be prosperous. Oh, I’ve read contructions with “shall” in many contemporary English texts.

The main meaning is let’s have fun but igitur is either a poor selection of a baudeamus or it has to mean something. Down with those who criticize, Look with envy in their eyes,: Vivant et mulieres Tenerae amabiles Bonae laboriosae.

In verse 5, note that “reign” is intransitive; a better fit is “rule”.


Gaudeamus Igitur Lyrics

Where are they who, before us, Were in the world? Perhaps the first line means “every member”, and the second one “every part”. Long live any students whatsoever! We’re headed for heaven or hell.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The Epoch of Romanticism. The first one that comes to my mind is: Vivat nostra civitas, Gqudeamus caritas Quae nos hic protegit.

Despite distance, despite weather, They have gathered here together: Post jucundam juventutem Post molestam senectutem Nos habebit humus.

I think here’s is referring to education. Because the “this” is later in the text and not before? Ask us or our community about the part of the song that interests you We will try to respond as soon as possible. Long live our city lyricd the charity of benefactors Which protects us here! Pereat tristitia, Pereant osores.

Look at who is here for convocation. Mario Lanza — Gaudeamus Igitur lyrics.