Manual Kits. Engine Helicopter. [Download not found] GAUI-NX4. Electric Helicopter. GAUI-X7F GAUI-R5 GAUI-X5 GAUI-X5 FES GAUI-X5 Lite · GAUI-X4 II . GAUI. X. Quad-Flyer. Item No (SCORPION Brushless Motors Inside) We are highly recommending you to get the latest version of the manual. Gaui X Quadcopter: Part One (8 min 16 sec) . yours esc with endpoints on THR set to maximum % (more then is stated in manual).

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Gaui X S Quadcopter Review – RC Groups

I still havent seen it fly in person and look forward to watchin you fly it this winter. It’s a workhorse type of platform that’s great for cruising around as well as lifting still cameras or video equipment up to grams in overall weight.

Flight-mode, however, was smooth and predictable while hovering yaui in forward flight. In fact, there’s only a small percentage of scratch builders when compared to kit or ARF builders. I’m not here to “sell” you stuff Empire Hobby sells to selected Dealers onlyso there’s no pressure or bogus janual wade through!

Use the included foam tape to secure the GU I just went and created a new aircraft in my 9c. Radian Pompano Hill Flyers. G fiberglass composite Battery: Return to Multirotor Drone Talk.

Check out my review for an in-depth build and flight report. Jul 28, The guys here at Empire are all knowledgeable, friendly people.

Tighten flight arms with O3 x 8 screws. The red wire gets plugged into your elevator channel, orange is throttle, yellow is rudder, and green is for gain adjustment and gets plugged into an open channel to be assigned to a 2-position switch on your transmitter. On a 3-cell amnual lipo pack the Gaui X-S was very fast and powerful. If you’re hovering around on mAh, expect upwards of 15 minutes. Remember Me Forgot Password? They are a Wholesale Distributor; all the Dealers here have to get them from somewhere, right?


Tahoe Ed Thanks for the Fish.

Manual Kits | TSH GAUI

Motors are under par at vaui, ESC’s over heat. I found it easier to hover and fly in flight-mode versus hover-mode. From resting on the ground I could rocket up and almost disappear in a few seconds. Page 21 Un-tighten the four screws to move to flight or storage positions.

So far the 10 amp model, designated the GE, has functioned as designed and I’m happy to report no failures.

Don’t show me this message again. With the motors and ESCs in place, the final step for the electronics installation is mounting the GU and your receiver. Originally Posted by Greasetattoo. The gear consists of four wheels on swiveling arms that are spring-loaded to absorb some shock from a hard landing. Enter program mode 2. Enter text from picture: I’ve read the argument that it flies better when adjusted from the GU, and I have to disagree with that statement. Has anyone experienced this becuase this is quite frustrating!!!!

My only suggestion would be to make an MP4 version of the video or upload it to YouTube so non windows users can see it: What’s worse is that you can’t use the box after you build the kit.

The clips slide over the shaft securely but can move around or come off, especially if you side-load the gear with a less-than-perfect landing. I love this quad – my favorite aircraft in the hangar right now!


Once done, the gain adjustment pot and flight mode switch agui inop. Your windshield may bulge up a little so do your best to route wires in such a way as to keep them as low as possible. Finally, connect each JST plug to the 4-in-1 power connector.

If the battery is too heavy, you can also use GAUI cable tie with touch fastener to secure even more. Motors 2 and 4 spin clockwise while motors 1 and 3 spin counterclockwise.

Gaui 330X S Quadcopter Review

Mnual to this Manuals Your Name. Even with gain adjustments, hover-mode always wanted to swing around as if it were a pendulum, and really fought me during forward flight as it constantly tried to tilt back to level itself out.

Thanks to everyone on this forum Soemtimes all the speed controllers beep at different times and move slightly.

I I like your review and I do think there could be more added to it Minuses Improper setup can result in frustration. Setting the gain too low will make mznual more difficult to hold in a hover.

Every time seems to have a bunch of different tones when I finish, so I cant give specifics on what I hear at the end.

You better gqui onto her! Pull back on the elevator and it comes to a stop. Remember to Re-tighten the screws when the positions are set. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The result is quad that basically flies itself, with pilot input required to keep it from drifting and for forward flight.