Ginecología y obstetricia: tratado anatomopatológico, clínico y endocrinológico de Novak / E.R. Novak, J.D. Woodruff ; tr. por Manuel Martínez de Victoria. : Ginecología y obstetricia. Tratado anatomicopatológico, clínico y endocrinológico, de Novak. Con figuras (18 en color): Ensayo. Medicina. NOVAK. Uploaded by milifeer. GINECOLOGIA. Save. For Later .. Uso-de-misoprostol-en-obstetricia-y-ginecología-FLASOGpdf.

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Coriocarcinoma primario de cérvix | Clínica e Investigación en Ginecología y Obstetricia

Expert secretarial support was provided by Kevin Obstetriccia and Sergio Huidor. The pathological aspects of ginecologgia disease, so fundamental to a proper understanding of the whole subject, have received adequate but not disproportionate consideration. Some studies have demonstrated that the use of pamphlets is highly effective in promoting an understanding of the condition and treatment options. Common Psychiatric Problems Nada L.

After insertion, the cervix and all aspects of the vagina should be carefully inspected.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Daniel J. In the discussion of endocrine preparations which might be indicated in treatment, there is no doubt that the mention of various products by their commercial names would have had some advantages. On the other hand, the biological aspects of gynecology have assumed vast importance, chiefly because of the amazing developments in the field of reproductive physiology and endocrinology.

In other words, female endocrinology is now an integral and important part of gynecology and it is so considered in this book. I look forward to the continued impact of the specialty on the enhancement of health care for women throughout the world. World Obstet Gynecol, 17pp. Uterine Cancer John R.

Talk intently, to the seat of wisdom, as life resembles grace. Obstet Gynecol, 10pp. I feel it is important to retain the thoughtful comments he contributed to our twelfth edition for this edition of Novak’s Gynecology. I have purposely abbreviated the discussion of the historical development of the subjects in each chapter.


Dignam, Gautum Chaudhuri, and Neville F.

Full text is only aviable in PDF. In some cases, referral to a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, or sexual counselor would be helpful. The frequency of intestinal sounds and their quality should be noted. Certain illustrations which appeared in one of my previous books, Gynecological and Obstetrical Pathology, do not have a credit line in the caption. It should include her complete medical and surgical history, her reproductive history including menstrual historyand a thorough family and social history.

Benign Diseases of the Female Reproductive Tract: It is a pleasant obligation to express my indebtedness to those who have been helpful to me in the preparation of this book.

SAMP | Vista de materia

Berek Preface to the Thirteenth Edition Novak’s Gynecology, 13th edition, has been thoroughly updated and revised to be certain that its contents and bibliography are current and accurate. On the other hand, functional disorders, including especially the large group of gynecological endocrinopathies, have been treated rather elaborately, in keeping with the avowed plan of covering the combined fields of gynecology and female endocrinology.

Percussion should be used to measure the dimensions of novao liver. The speculum should be warmed before it is inserted into the vagina, and warm water generally provides sufficient lubrication for this procedure. If the patient desires a second opinion or ginecolpgia a second opinion is mandated by her insurance coverage, it should be facilitated.

lippincott novak’s gynecology 13e

In short, the purpose of this book is to present to the reader as much information as is possible in as practical a fashion as possible on the subjects of gynecology and female endocrinology. Leon Speroff and his colleagues in the textbook Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility and was adapted for the book Practical Gynecologic Oncology.

The patient should be asked to inhale and exhale during palpation of the edge of the liver. Enviado por charles flag Denunciar. He knew, as we do, that the pursuit of academic medicine is imperative to the development of medicine in general and our field in particular. Family Planning Phillip G. Whether right or wrong, the ideas behind the book represent the crystallization of many years of teaching and practice in gynecology.


Am J Obstet Gynecol, 20pp. Tim Hengst, an outstanding medical illustrator, designed and created the original artwork. The textbook, originated by the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, continues to reflect the contributions of that great institution. These factors should be reviewed with the patient in developing a plan for her future care see Chapter 8.

Ulcerative or purulent lesions of the vulva should be cultured as outlined in subsequent chapters, and biopsy should be performed on any lesions.

Evidence of any lesions, erythema, pigmentation, ginecklogia, or irregularity should be noted. For textbook gineclogia, however, the line must be drawn fairly sharply, and the reader will naturally expect to go to the proper sources for information in any of these allied fields. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

In general, the smallest speculum necessary to produce adequate visualization should be used. Clayton, for much help throughout the project. The sensible plan seemed to be to rely on the intelligence and initiative of ginevologia reader, who should have no difficulty in ascertaining good commercial preparations of estrogen, progesterone, chorionic hormone or any other hormone principle to which reference is made in the treatment of various disorders.

Burnett, and Anne Colston Wentz through the 11th edition in Lewis Wall Chapter Ovarian Cancer Jonathan S. This section addresses ethical principles of patient care, quality assessment and improvement, and the epidemiology of gynecologic conditions.