One of the first books I read on MPB was “Mai più calvi” (= “Never more bald”) of the italian man Giovanni Serri Pili. He claimed that he was. Online shopping from a great selection at Kindle Store Store. abetz85 wrote: This is the link of the book: Piu-Calvi-Giovanni-Serri-Pili But I warn you it’s wrote in Italian.

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I recommend everyone to take a photos. Like my hairline hair would not grow that long and eventually after a haircut it would not grow as quicker and remain shorter. Last edited by ItalianPaleoDude ; I’m contemplating getting the e-book and making him translate it for me. I’ve never heard of this What has I think been working well for me is massaging the actual hair line.

I have to admit, I’m really intrigued with this castor oil thing. How has doing manuals affected your ggiovanni loss situation. By the way, having a better posture is still important for your back’s health. It’s probably not fake since when he wrote his book Photoshop didn’t really exist. Castor Oil to Re-Grow Hair Joey Ramone on Sun Dec 15, 7: Check out his list of topicals from BelieveInIt on Sat Dec 14, 7: And a good posture won’t certainly do anything bad to your hairline: Well its really loosened up pilj I swear my hair on my hairline is growing longer then it has in a long time.

In a few minutes wash off everything with warm water gently. Then he tried to do the same as a balding man and while raising his forehead I did it every day and skipped it no more than four or five times.


He was slick bald before, and he recovered most of his hair. The minoxidil I perservered with for a couple of years with the dermaroller chiming in for giovannni months in the middle. It means there’s an inflammation until the point where the bulb is no more able to regrow the hair. Yes, the method works, but you need to corrugate and pull your hair a lot.

Serri Pili

Originally posted by Leida View Post. There is a thread on this forum http: Actually he states that psoriasis and dermatitis are the main causes of early hair loss. Not even when we get old.

He places an extreme importance to the frontalis and occipital muscles. Castor oil for hair growth?

Sat Dec 29, 8: In the book, he also says that this method cures psoriasis, dermatitis and other similar problems. I noticed that when doing my massages that the hairline area seemed tighter than the rest of head. Check Out Our Sponsors. THe guy who invented this passed away few years ago but with his head full hiovanni hair after having been pretty hairless for 50 years was able to regrow all his hair in 6 months.

He also wrote a book but it’s only in Italian.

With time perhaps there will be more improvement, and again i will be missing out on that treatment time, but going by history i think its highly unlikely.

Wrap a newspaper and a towel – or just an old towel that you don’t mind losing to this process tightly around to keep everything nice and moist.

Poll for the guys doing manual methods at least months – Page 4

Last edited by BestBetter ; To continue to the forum, just close this window. There are a lot of tips about correct posture in his book. Go to page ‘, event. So guys, don’t stop pulling your hair! Goivanni tried it for awhile, but was never very good at persisting People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.


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Used it for about 6 months but didn’t see any benefit and it was a pain so stopped. I can viovanni him for some inaccuracies since hair loss research was nowhere near where we are today. I want to know if others have had success with this and if I’m doing this correctly.

I wonder how similar it is to Givoanni Serri Pili’s suggestions I don’t know if his main focus is on hairpulling, or if he also recommends exercising those muscles, too. If your not “scrunching” the hairline area you need to start because I have seen the most improvement doing that. It always improves the appearance of hair, it grows thicker and darker. Apparently, the guy used these exercises to regrow his receding hairline. This guy was crazy about his hair.

Castor Oil to Re-Grow Hair – Mark’s Daily Apple Forum

Where did you find the ebook? She recommended that I try castor giovxnni to rgrow the hair that I’ve lost. I got a trim Friday and my stylist told me that I have a lot of spots where hair is missing on my head my husband likes to twist my hair and pull the knots out, that is the cause of this.

Joey Ramone on Sun Dec 15,