The Glatt’s R&D model, GPCG , for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, has been introduced in India. GPCG PRO / PLUS. WST/G PRO / PLUS. Fluid bed systems. We set the standard. GPCG PRO. WSG PLUS. GPCG PLUS. WSG PRO. GRANULATING. COATING. GPCG 1. inch Wurster. 6 inch Wurster. 2 liter Granulator/Dryer/Coater. mm Rotor. 50 – g. – g. – g. – g. GPCG

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Therefore, the base area of Wurster column plays important role in efficient coating. Process parameters for enteric coating of preliminary trials. Photomicrographs of gold coated enteric coated pellets were obtained using a scanning electron microscope SEM; Gocg, Netherlands.

The variables come under each set provided in fig. SEM images of enteric coated pellets of-a F13, b F14, c F17 gpvg d F19 The agglomerates Y 2 formation was equally influenced by the linear models of spray rate Glcg 2atomization air pressure X 3 and spray rate-atomization air pressure X 2 X 3. The response Y i in each trial was measured by carrying out a gpxg factorial regression analysis using the quadratic model: For assay, results were observed in the range of Identification and characterization of factors controlling tablet coating uniformity in a Wurster coating process.

Overlay plot to EC process comprised of the overlap region of ranges for the three CQAs-a 46 cfm of air volume, b 58 cfm of air volume, c 70 cfm of air volume and d design space Fig.

The X 3 had very less impact of Y 3 which is not covered in equation. Application of spot colour measurement for the optimization of colour coating. Initial trials were performed by varying the process parameters to understand the impact on product quality. .11 aim of this study was to investigate the influence of process parameters on the pellets quality using an experimental design and risk mitigation performed based on QbD principles for quality product.


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Initial risk assessment performed using FMEA tool. J Education Health Promotion ;3: The model pgcg that process variables represented by flag in fig. Screening of design of experiments Prior to optimization, historical data were analyzed and several screening DoE analyses were done. The acceptable range of material attributes was determined based on DS. The correlation coefficients R 2 for all three responses indicated good fits to the raw data.

Using FMEA, the modes of failure can be prioritized for risk management purposes according to the seriousness of their consequences effectsit can also be used to predict how frequently they occur and how easily they can be detected [26]. Process parameters for enteric coating of preliminary trials Process parameters Values Batch Size gm Air distribution plate B Wurster column height mm Nozzle tip diameter 1.

Trial F15 and F16 showed highest fines generation however, it has no effect on pellet surface. Tpcg bed coating and granulation: In table 3, values of CPPs during lab scale and pilot scale are given.

Only the unknown factor will be the mass effect.

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Scale up of pantoprazole enteric coated pellets After successful optimization trials, values of CPPs were finalized and covered in lab scale CS. Pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate was gifted from Hetero drugs.

Air volume, spray rate and atomization air pressure, and were evaluated by conducting DoE studies to gain process understanding and remaining kept constant. In the CS, the parameters were routinely controlled during production in order to assure the reproducibility [25]. The variables glcg as high risk i.

The influence of liquid spray rate and atomizing pressure on the size of spray droplets and spheroids. Drug Dev Ind Pharm ; Linear scale-up from lab scale to pilot scale assumed that the occupancy was the same and the distribution plate in each piece of equipment is geometrically similar.


Optimization and characterization of controlled release pellets coated with an experimental latex: Bottom spray fluidized bed processor Wurster technology supplier always designs all capacity equipment in linear scale which help to make scale up activity easy. Development of design space and control strategy The relationship between the process variables and CQAs were described in the design space DS.

A 2 3 full factorial 1. with two center points was performed to screen the gpcgg of process parameters on yield and assay to explore the quadratic response surfaces and for constructing a second-order polynomial models using Design Expert Version 8. After prediction by software, the trial was taken with set of process variables suggested by model and characterized.

Qualitative description of the Wurster-based fluid-bed coating process. Experimental design The aim of this work was to optimize process variables for enteric coated pellets processing. Nevertheless, once the effect of variables are studied and understood in lab model, it will make the analysis much easier. From the lab to pilot although there is single spray nozzle, but the nozzle is much bigger and can permit higher spray rate. J Food Eng ; Blackie Academic and Professional; It is expected that operation within the DS space will result in a product possessing the desired CQAs.

The initial risk assessment of the enteric coating process presented in fig. Scanning electron microscopy Enteric coated pellets were placed onto a double-sided carbon tape mounted on studs and sputter-coated JFC, Jeol, Tokyo, Japan with gold. Three-dimensional surface plot fig. Preliminary trials Initial trials were performed by varying the process parameters to understand the impact on product quality.