C-Bus Honeywell proprietary Control Bus for communications between Excel 10 W Controllers: WA Constant Volume AHU Controller. Product – Brand: Honeywell; Product Number: WA; SINGLE ZONE AHU WITH STAGED HEAT/COOL OR HEAT PUMP. Category: HVAC. Product Identifiers. GTIN. BRAND. Honeywell. MPN. WA UPC. eBay Product ID (ePID).

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Honeywell W7750A2005 Excel 10 Cvahu

Therefore, if modulating economizer damper control is desired, a discharge air temperature sensor is required.

The length of time added is directly proportional to the magnitude of the analog value. If the node is configured for modulating cool, sbCoolPosS0 shows the current position of the cooling modulating output. Also, the Excel 10 variables, AlarmLogX where X is 1 through 5, that store the last five alarms to occur in the controller, are available. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

Wa Honeywell Excel 10 Constant Volume Air Handling Unit | eBay

Engineering Units— This field w7750s2005 the point valid range and displayed Engineering Unit. These valves can be controlled directly from the space temperature like the staged control or, if the CascCtrl flag is set, they honeywll modulated to maintain the discharge air temperature at its setpoint.

Decreasing the Proportional Gain amplifies the effect of the error; that is, for a given error, a small Proportional Gain causes a higher output signal value. Slow Blink—controlling, normal state.


Resistance Value ohms The control is shut down and disabled until power is cycled or the node is reset. EconEnable, Econ is periodically calculated from the local sensor specified by Config. The user must expect to reduce the application complexity, reduce the number of attached Excel 10s or boneywell the Excel 10s over more than one Zone Manager.

X If ScheduleMaster is 1 input shortedthe node is the schedule master and the locally connected time clock will be sent via TimeClk to other nodes on the network. Check the version numbers of the controller firmware, E-Vision and the E-Vision script. The algorithm expects a contact closure to indicate the window is closed. The states are follows: TA,B,C,D construction in in.

High-speed 78 kilobit communications network. Modulating heat with pneumatic valve actuator. This allows a wall module at one node to be used to over ride the scheduled occupancy of another node.

TimeClk is received from another node and may have the following values: Third party 2 to 10V, 2 to 10 volts displayed. Valid enumerated values are: This aids in compliance verification and future expansion of the FTT network. No duplicate Outdoor Air Temperature sensors are usable on the same controller.

Honeywell WA | Controllers |

NEMA class 2 transformer voltage output limits. See Alarm and AlarmStatus for related subjects. Additional features available in TA,B models include analog setpoint input knob, override digital input pushbutton, humidity sensor TB modeloverride status LCD and digital display.


Ventilation openings were designed into the cover to allow proper heat dissipation regardless of the mounting orientation. There is no time clock configured or bound to the node.

Organization of Manual This manual is divided into three basic parts: ManualMode remains unchanged until another mode has been commanded or an application restart has been performed.

The minimum interstage time delay ranges from 90 seconds at 12 cycles per hour to eight minutes at two cycles per hour.

See wiring diagrams, Figs. When poor air quality is detected, the economizer minimum position is set to nciAux1SetPts. See Tables 9 and 11 for part numbers. When memory size is greater than , the size is too large. The time between the updates is user settable. The range of ResistiveOffsetCal[0] is between and 15 degrees F.

Order Equipment for a complete listing of all available part numbers.

On the W, the stages are activated through digital outputs Triacs on the WB,C and dry-contact relays on the WA one for each stage wired to 24 Vac contactors see Fig.

If uiBypassTimer is zero, then the bypass timer is not running. SmokeMonitor is 1, then SmokeMonitor is hoenywell meaning that smoke is detected. EconEnable is ignored and Econ is used instead.