Those who practice the Muslim faith have resisted examinations of their religion. They are extremely guarded about their religion, and what they consider. 2. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Ibn Warraq. Why I am not a Muslim / by Ibn Warraq. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references (p.). Fascinating book I am reading. Why I Am Not a Muslim, a book written by Ibn Warraq, is a critique of Islam and the Qur’an. He argues that Islam.

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As the author makes some strong cases against Islam through the book, it makes one think how can any Islamic apologist, for example Hamza Tzortzis or substitute another apologist’s namespeak of Islam as being divine and peaceful? You can dismiss the support request pop up for qhy weeks 28 days if you want to be reminded again. One pitfall and this is undoubtedly unavoidable, when discussing mislim topic is that it’s impossible to pin down exactly what we’re talking about when we talk about “Islam” or Christianity, or Judaism, or any other religious tradition.

Waarraq times I have observed in my travels in the Orient, that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain the others in the practice of religion by terror. The mealy-mouthed and apologetic character of so much Western scholarship on Islam springs from the fact that many of these scholars, were, and are, believers, albeit in the rival creed of Christianity. This phenomon seems to be not much different from the growing trend towards Christian fundamentalism, which seems to be happening also against a backdrop of increasing doubt about many if not all of the major tenets of the religion.

Why I Am Not a Muslim

LOL, how can you take the person who considers Bat Ye’or a ‘serious scholar’ seriously? Ibn Warraq draws on an overabundance of historical sources, most being from the classical Islamic writers themselves, with the big names of ibn Ishaq, ibn Kathir, and Imam Bukhari, together with obscure Islamic scholars, commentators and observers.


Now of course, apologists will say, “They aren’t following the real Islam. There were a lot of redundancies when same things were described or proclaimed over and over again.

Jul 16, Vlad rated it it was amazing.

Yes there are conservatives in my country that try to turn any religion they could into instruments of power via moral policing, book banning, thought control, suppression of scientific study, etc but it is up to liberals to fight this. Jul 08, Mark rated it really liked it. He is not anti-Muslim, because his family itself is Muslim. Oct 16, Nathan rated it really liked it Shelves: Good book, it refers to the letter of Bertrand Russell “why I am not a Christian” I do think that Ibn Warraq on occasion goes a bit overboard.

The Logic of Miracles. It lies somewhere deliciously in between. Also fascinating was his citation of sundry historical apostates, doubters, and critics from within the Islamic tradition. The Logic of Miracles — Part 3: Jun 15, Mohit Sharma rated it really liked it Shelves: Time and again I have seen the overwhelming effect of Islam on its subjects. Many times I have observed in my travels in the orient, that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain the others in the practice of religion by terror.

Raises Islam to a level of criticism and debate that has been historically stifled. Or if they do know the truth about Islam but repackage it as divine to sell to the general customers who are unaware of this side of Islam.

But this guy checks out. How many libraries will stock it, or dare to stock it if they knew its contents? Second, how indebted the Muslim world has always been to the West, not only to the Greeks in the beginning, but particularly in modern times in knowledge of its own intellectual and cultural history.

Ibn Warraq – Why I am Not a Muslim

Islam is amorphous, internally inconsistent with reference to the Qur’an and Hadithand subject to a great number of interpretations. Jul 03, Peter Delorenzo rated it really liked it.

muslmi He has put together in one book all the objectionable rules of Islam, and has made it into one of the best books about Islam that I have seen in many inn. Por cada sura que los musulmanes progresistas muestren para justificar que el Islam predica paz, amor, respeto, tolerancia, etc. Various stories in the Quran are copied from Zoroastrian religion. The reformist, rationalist or freethinkers movement within Islam is still very small in numbers, and I fear the only way it will gain strength is in reaction to the rise of fundamentalism within Islam, which may force the silent nof to take sides.


Halal permittedharam forbiddenharus optional and in most cases encouragedsunat optional and encouragedmakruh optional and best to abstain frometc.

Why I Am Not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq | : Books

But dare they do it? Classic Essays on Islam’s Holy Book.

This critical examination reveals an unflattering picture of the faith and its practitioners. In my opinion, Waarraq makes a good argument that many non-controversially Islamic ideas z at the very least incompatible with many modern ideas about politics, morality, and epistemology.

Although Muslims resident in non-Muslim countries clamour for every kind of indulgence for their own beliefs and customs, there can be no doubt that given any kind of power they would impose their own beliefs and eliminate all difference.

Its extremist members would be extremely peaceful. Warraq does not answer in this book is the one posed in its title. Banyak orang “takut” mendekati buku-buku begini dengan alasan imannya belum kuat lah, atau apa lah Mar 09, A. The amazing thing is that it has taken so long wardaq such a book to appear and that it has been left to jot non-Westerner to write it, since the material for its assembly has been around for anything up to a century.

There is no Pope in Islam, nor any Councils with authority to impose a Creed.