“I don’t do patrols, I don’t go hunting, I just stick close to you. You live your life. I’ll keep you safe,” Tamani said, sweeping a lock of hair from her face. “Or die. “Fans will revel in the idealized characterizations, breathless abstinence romance, lurking danger and newly explicit Arthurian parallels.” (Kirkus Reviews). Illusions [Aprilynne Pike] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The third instalment of Aprilynne Pike’s extraordinary faerie tale of magic and.

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Pikke better pick Tamanai: I liked that, not just because I’m team David but because I hate when girls are all ‘oh I don’t know who I love, this one or that one, so I’d settle for leading both of them on and kissing them both and sit and listen to them as they talk about how much they love me’ But that’s exactly what happened at the second part of the book. I was sick of it in Spells, and even more so in Illusions. I cannot point out any climax at all.

I mean I thought that could lead said guy to several years in prision, but ohh you just throw the word ‘love’ in the mix and suddenly that’s the most romantic thing ever. Two school dances and two troll attacks, people. Being held hostage by the troll had made Laurel agree to telling Chelsea about being a fairy. Perhaps I could admire her, for not even making an effort at a plot here, except there is nothing remotely admirable about that, especially in a writer.

Not cool at all!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Although, the book does not come untilso that is going to be a long wait. And, honestly, while I’d normally rate it probably a three or a four, I’m giving it a five because of the lovely, wonderful, illusiins romance between Laurel and Tamani. Aprilynne curre Aprilynne Pike has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyper-active imagination.


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I became teenage marshmallow!! She has to pick Tamani. I am so sick of it, this stupid love triangle that Laurel refuses to get out of. I am having a hard time fully trusting David after Spells I cannot wait for April 8, when the third book in the Wings series will come out! He has had a crush on Laurel since before she was moved to the human world.

Illusions (Pike novel) – Wikipedia

Laurel feels herself stretched thin as she pursues Yuki, mediates between the boys in her life, and attempts to help her friend Chelsea cope with a dissolving romantic relationship, and her worsening headaches soon lead to a fainting spell during a troll attack.

We appreciate your feedback. I was so completely excited to get a copy of this book in advance that I think I traded with two different people for it. Mar 09, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Plus it’s release date is May 3rd At every turn of the page I was transported into the body of a giggling teenage girl when Tamani was around.

Laurel, please pick Tamani!! The plot in Illusions was very interesting this go round. I loved Avalon in the previous book Spells but here we only got a very brief glimpse of that world when Laurel visits her mentor Jameson.

I thought Wings was unique and offered a different spin of your typical Fey story, but Spells fell short for me. The Love Triangle To a certain extent, I can tolerate love triangles, especially when they noticeably help move the plot along. Laurel was happy with David, she was convinced her and Tamani were better off as friends. What the cliffhanger ending! Aug 28, Gemma rated it did not like it.


View all 18 comments. You live your life. Now, I’m sure a lot of people woul I made it about ten pages in and I gave up. There’s a tea for that too. I am so sick of the humans always getting the good end of the stick. My favorite books are always ones where we get to see the main male and female characters point of views.

Although I did scream at Laurel a couple times in this story because of said triangle and cheered her mom on — her mom is so awesome!

I could feel the testosterone rolling off the pages. I did really enjoy this book but I thought it was a little repetitive. Laurel is the main character.

So curious about what is going on with the trolls. So Parilynne was intrigued with the story. So I’ll be able to say I finished it I think Spells was more enchanting, but I still love the continuing story in Illusions. After the second book, Spells, I was a little disappointed and frustrated, but I did not come away feeling like that after Illusions at all.

So now I know how book 4 final in the series is gonna go: