Falling Awake [Jayne Ann Krentz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Isabel Wright, a Belvedere Center for Sleep Research analyst and Level Five lucid dreamer, meets the man of her dreams in bestseller Krentz’s. This is a Jayne Ann Krentz novel. So, back to the plot: Isabel fills Cutler in on the dark doings that have shadowed Belvedere research.

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Jun 06, Raeleigh rated it it was ok Shelves: He wanted Isabel in a position where he felt he could control her. I want a little more description, but that’s just me Louise Jane Underwood Length: A con artist and seductress, Meredith Spooner lived fast – and died young.

When they do meet again, it’s over someone else’s dead body – and now they’re running for their lives through a tropical paradise. Belvedere dead in his office one night. He told her that he had the emails of 3 clients from Belvedere’s computer. She either writes the same story or the same idea here the dream research. She went to see her brother-in-law and told him that she was quitting.

But Hugh’s past is catching up with them. But just when Molly is ready to let him have a piece of her mind – not her heart – she discovers that the eminent Dr. Client 1, Jack Lawson, called Client 2, Ellis Cutler, and asked him to find Isabel once he discovered that she had been fired from the Belvedere Center.

Falling Awake Book Summary and Study Guide

Jun 14, Shirlene added it. The Best Books of Mar 15, Janis Davis rated it liked zwake. He promptly dumped her after realizing that it was a mistake and she was resentful. Belvedere had two special clients that worked for a government agency, Client One and Client Two.



The only problem Isabel had with the dream analysis was that they left her with nightmares because she received no closure on the cases. Get access to the Member Daily Deal. Please provide ktentz email address. Amelia was a former lover of Jack Lawson who he had had an affair with during one of his separations with his wife.

And how about that rollercoaster?

FALLING AWAKE by Jayne Ann Krentz | Kirkus Reviews

But honestly jayen that was supposed to be “Top Secret” was spread around candidly and for as few of people as there was supposed to be who were “Level 5 Lucid Dreamers”, they were sure popping up everywhere, seemed like everyone was by the end of the book. He considered her work with his father as proof that his father was demented. Belvedere, and tracking the dangerous Scargill through lucid dreaming. One of the bodies was determined to be his although there was evidence that one of the guys escaped and awaoe to a local hospital.

It felt like Krentz wanted to explore an aake she had a few years ago and didn’t want to waste her research or the manuscript that was stashed in a bottom drawer so put everything in. Annie Lyncroft knew her scheme was outrageous.

Falling Faling is no exception. Especially when one of her anonymous subjects, known only as Client Number Two, captures her imagination through his compelling dream narratives.


Its an OK read but I would not recommend it to persons who have not read her other novels, it is not a good example of what this author can write.

You should try one. Heading to California, he pushes his own fantasies out of his mind, determined to maintain a professional relationship with the woman who reads his dreams, the mysterious figure he has come to think of as ‘Tango Dancer.

Though the plots might be annn, there is always a different twist to the storyline to make it interesting. Dave then told Ellis that Katherine had a kreentz boyfriend before she died. A red-hot, suspenseful novel about a free-spirited dream researcher – and the gorgeous man who brings her dreams to life.

Falling Awake – Jayne Ann Krentz

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Falling Awake Ellis Cutler works for a secret government agency that uses dreams to investigate crimes. And instead of tracking down missing masterpieces, they’ll be hunting down a killer. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a bit of romance with a touch of suspense and who done it.

I listened to this book with my Romance Unlimited faloing.

Table of contents Isabel Wright spends her days at the Belvedere Centre for Sleep Research analyzing the dreams of others. Aug 29, Carly Kirk rated it it was ok. Dec 18, Mari Smut Duchess rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t love it.