Like many Western musicians, the Indian rhythmic system known as Konokol has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve heard the seemingly complex. John McLaughlin Konnakol. Richie Jackson; 7 Konokol-The Gateway to Rhythm Chapter 1 The Gateway To Rhythm – John Mclaughlin – School of Rhythm. Konnakol (also spelled Konokol, Konakkol) (Tamil: கொன்னக்கோல்) is the art of Prominent among these is John McLaughlin, who led the Mahavishnu Orchestra and has long used konnakol as a compositional aid.

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By contrast, konnakol syllables are aimed at optimising vocal performance, and vastly outnumber any commonly used finger placements on mridangam or any other hand percussion instrument. Ganesh Vinayakram, The Gateway to Rhythm. The DVD is divided into six chapters.

Retrieved from ” https: Someone who has been konnokol a band will immediately appreciate how difficult it is to get the bloody drummer to play what you want him her to! Views Read Edit View history. Jazz saxophonist, konnakol artist, and composer Arun Luthra incorporates konnakol and Carnatic music rhythms as well as Hindustani classical music rhythms in his work.

Konokol allows the musician to superimpose one tempo and time signature in johhn singing against another in the clappingand hear the two together. An ensemble or a band conversant with konolol can articulate musical ideas very precisely to each other.


McLaughlin has advocated Konokol as a system for learning rhythm without drums for over 30 years. In mridangamkanjiraor ghatamthe percussion mclaughhlin limited to physical characteristics of their structure and construction: The whole concept of subdividing rhythms using Konokol really sinks in when you view these short improvs. I agree with you completely. Exercises are explained and demonstrated followed by improvisations which include all the exercise material of that particular chapter.

A teacher isnt expensive. Further, all the differences between Carnatic and north Indian rhythms apply equally to konnakol and tabla bols.

The Gateway of Rhythm | John McLaughlin

Konnakol also spelled Konokol, Konakkol Tamil: DVD Mediastarz Monaco, Each chapter concludes with a Vinayakram improvisation, followed by a demonstration by McLaughlin, both based on the material covered in that chapter. Infact, mclauhglin will be of value even if you do not play any instrument and want to become a knowledgable audience of Indian Classical Music. One of the highlights of the DVD is the improvisation McLaughlin and Vinayakram perform together at the conclusion of the final chapter.

Exercises are explained and demonstrated followed by improvisations which include all the exercise material of that particular chapter.

The Gateway To Rhythm (Konokol) | John McLaughlin

Prominent among these is John McLaughlinwho led the Mahavishnu Orchestra and has long used konnakol as a compositional aid. In each case, McLaughlin does a great job of demonstrating how this eastern system of rhythm can be an asset to a western composer. You will learn through this course how to improvise rhythmically and how this system can help in your compositions.


Following this, John McLaughlin explains and demonstrates on the guitar the benefit Konokol has had on his improvisations, and its usefulness in his compositions over the past 30 years. Choosing one sound over another is determined by where you want the accents to fall in the bar, since the proper Konokol form is to accent the first syllable of each sound when you say it except in the case of Taka Juna where you accent both the Taka and the Juna.

So, pay for a good mclaughllin method will Keep the teachers alive, making great books and music. Register or Login to view hidden content! Notify me of followup comments via email. Trichy Shri R Thayumanavar gave a rebirth to konnakol. Posted on Sep 1, in DVD 0 comments Konokol is the universal system of mastering rhythm without drums.

Konokol is basically a vocal drum language.

John McLaughlin – The Gateway to Rhythm

The artist improvises within a structure that interrelates with the raga being played and konokoll the talam preferred in the compositions. Subash Chandran’s disciple Dr Joel, who teaches konnakol in the U. Your email address will not be published.

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