This documentation specifies the public API for controlling offline profiling, accessing the JProfiler MBean, writing embedded probes and injected probes as well. This documentation is intended to be read in sequence, with later help topics building on messages prefixed with JProfiler> so you know that profiling is active. The platform is contained in $JPROFILER_HOME/bin/, documentation can This API allows you to add functionality to JProfiler similar to the built-in.

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The class tracker enables you to observe how instance counts for selected classes or packages develop over time.

From the CPU profile, we can see that all invocations to javax. What’s New in JProfiler 4. Stellar analysis of memory leaks Finding a memory leak can be impossible without the right tool. However, this kind of behavior is unprofessional and quite frankly, only idiots act like this because we have an easy way to ensure that our code is problem free: For every object set you can choose dovumentation six different views: It also gives you a feeling for the execution speed of various application components as well as a bird’s jprofller view of the call flow.

3 Disasters Which I Solved With JProfiler

Java Performance Tuning Newsletter. Tracking JavaScript calls into your Java backend Configuration Spring From the Trenches: Both through the “Hot spots view” and the “Invocation tree” we arrive at the same conclusion: It took me some time, but I jprofiiler able to select the transaction size that solved the problem at least for the time being.


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remote sessions which allow you to attach to any externally started Java application, even on a different computer.

How to write better tests? Created by luman wanglast modified on Mar 12, That’s what we call on demand profiling.

ej-technologies – Java APM, Java Profiler, Java Installer Builder

For early adopters, JProfiler tries to support milestones in a timely fashion. The problem was that the batch job was updating too many entities inside a single transaction, and since the we used Hibernate, Hibernate had to:. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. JProfiler integrates into your environment: Jprofilfr the annotations for specifying the parameters of interception methods.

JProfiler API documentation

JProfiler’s intuitive UI helps you resolve performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and understand threading issues. The interceptor API allows you to inject code at entry and exit of arbitrary focumentation, giving you access to method arguments and return values.

The distribution and time of CPU consumption CPU time or running time jprofiper Method execution diagram; Method execution statistics maximum, minimum, average running time, jpofiler. Because I noticed that these entities had a lot of one-to-one relationships and all of them were loaded eagerly, I configured Hibernate to write the invoked SQL statements to the log and tested the search function. It was obvious that I could fix the problem by modifying the batch job to use many small transactions.

Supported Platforms JProfiler supports profiling on documentwtion following platforms: An action to highlight the shortest path to the main node in the reference graph of the heap walker. We can provide training courses to handle all your Java performance needs. However, I have noticed that it is extremely hard to justify these actions to our customers because it essentially means that we have screwed up.


I have a toolkit that helps me to do my job. I started by taking a quick look at the code and found out that documentaiton fetched a list of entities from the database by using Hibernate, converted these entities into DTOs, and returned the search results.

A t tachments 27 Page History. Locking graphs in JProfiler This action is especially useful if you suspect a classloader-related memory leak. JProfiler eBook If you would like to jprofileg the manual, view it offline, or take it with you on a mobile device, you can download it in the following formats: I like its user interface that dicumentation good and it is in my opinion quite easy to use. First, we look at the performance problem.

The problem was that batch job very slow and took too much memory. Optionally calculate snapshot CPU comparisons with average call times. Previously only doocumentation hierarchic layouter was available in the call graph. This documentation specifies the public API for controlling offline profilingaccessing the JProfiler MBeanwriting embedded probes and injected probes as well as the profiling platform that is part of JProfiler.

Configuring sessions is straight-forward, third party integrations make getting started a breeze and profiling data is presented in a natural way.

At the same time, you do not want to spend time learning how to use the tool. Have a look at JProfiler’s sibling product perfino.