Photo curtesy of Mahalakshmi temple of Kolhapur – For personal use only. Scroll down to read Kanakadhara Stotram. Kolhapur is in maharastra state, India. कनकधारा स्तोत्रम् – अङ्गं हरेः पुलकभूषणमाश्रयन्ती. Kanakadhara Stotram – Angam Hareh Pulaka Bhusanam Aashrayanti. Devi Lakshmi. Kanakadhara Stotram is a prayer for wealth and prosperity dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and was composed by Adi Shankaracharya. Kanaka means Gold and.

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Meaning- She is the goddess of Knowledge, darling of Him who shotra Garuda as flag, power that causes of death at time of deluge,And she is the wife of Him who has the crescent,And she does the creationupkeep and destruction at various times, My salutations to this lady who is worshiped by all the three worlds. Go to mp3 section n download songs you like to hear.

Like the streak of lightning in black dark cloud, She is shining on the darkbroad chest, Of He who killed Kaidaba[7], Tsotra let the eyes of the great mother of all universe, Who is the daughter of Sage Bharghava[8], Fallon me lightly and bring me prosperity.

Longest Lunar Eclipse of Century: Head Tonsure in Tirupathi Balaji Temple.

Meaning- Salutations to her who is light living in Lotus flower,Salutations to her who is the earth and also mother of earth,Salutations to her who is worshipped by Devas,And salutations to her who is the consort of the son of Nanda.

I felt there are so many who suffer in Hunger. Sankaracharya realized the womens devotion irrespective of being poor. And also capable of overflowing the Enemy of Mura i.

Sampath karaani sakalendriya nandanani,Samrajya dhana vibhavani saroruhakshi,Twad vandanani dhuritha haranodhythani,Mamev matharanisam kalayanthu manye. Viswamarendra padhavee bramadhana dhaksham,Ananda hethu radhikam madhu vishwoapi,Eshanna sheedhathu mayi kshanameekshanartham,Indhivarodhara sahodharamidhiraya Meaning- Capable of making one as king of Devas in this world,Her side long glance of a moment,Made Indra regain his kingdom,And is making Him who killed Madhu supremely happy.

And let her with her blue lotus eyes glance me a little. Origin [ edit ] The hymn was written in the 8th century CE by Adi Sankara, a revered Hindu philosopher and theologian.

Gheerdhevathethi garuda dwaja sundarithi,Sakambhareethi sasi shekara vallebhethi,Srishti sthithi pralaya kelishu samsthitha ya,Thasyai namas thribhvanai ka guros tharunyai.

Meaning- Salutations to her who has the golden lotus as seat,Salutations to her who is the leader of the universe,Salutations to her who showers mercy on devas,And salutations to the consort of Him who has the bow called Saranga. We dont have that much money so i am buying this Aluminium kitchen utensil.


Learn Sri Kanakadhara Stotram

Meaning- With half closed eyes stares she on Mukunda,Filled with happinessshyness and the science of love,On the ecstasy filled face with closed eyes of her Lord,And let kanakdyarawho is the wife of Him who sleeps on the snake,Shower me with wealth. Home Stotras Site Map Search. Subbulakshmi ji with Lyrics.

Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for The Goddess first refused to do so because the lady had not done any work for charity in her previous birth and it is not possible to change one’s fate.

Sthuvanthi ye sthuthibhirameeranwaham, Thrayeemayim thribhuvanamatharam ramam, Gunadhika guruthara bhagya bhagina, Bhavanthi the bhuvi budha bhavithasayo.

Kanakadhāra Stotram – Wikipedia

He recited twenty two slokas in praise of Goddess Lakshmi Who was very much pleased and appeared Satkshathkara before Sankaracharya and asked for his cause and all of prayer. Meaning- Salutations to you as Vedas which give rise to good actions,Salutation to you as Rathi for giving the most beautiful qualities,Salutation to you as Shakthi ,who lives in the hundred petalled lotus,And salutations to you who is Goddess of plenty,And is the consort of Purushottama.

My friend offered some cold drinks in his house. Once familiar with the pronunciation, you can listen to the chanted version of the verse and become familiar with chanting it. Shiva Sahasranama for all problems in life. Stories you may want to read. How sweet is my Mom: Meaning- Salutations to her who is daughter of Bhrigu,Salutations to her lives on the holy chest of Vishnu,Salutations to Goddess Lakshmi who lives in a lotus,And saluations to her who is the consort of Damodhara.

Actually it was a “Iruppu Chatti” as they call in tamil. Meaning- Giver of wealth, giver of pleasures to all senses,Giver of the right to rule kingdoms,She who has lotus like eyes,She to whom Salutations remove all miseries fast,And my mother to you are my salutations. Sri Sankaracharya was deeply touched at the plight and haplessness of the woman.

Account Options Sign in. With half closed eyes stares she on Mukunda[3], Filled with happinessshyness and the science of love, On the ecstasy filled face with closed eyes of her Lord, And let her shotra, who is the wife of Kanakdhaea who sleeps on the snake, Shower me with wealth. She who is the Lotus, She who is the consort, Of the Lord with Lotus like eyes, She who has glances filled with mercy, Please turn your glance on me, Who is the poorest among the poor, And first make me the vesselTo receive your pity and compassion.



To her devotees and those who are great, Grants she a place in heaven which is difficult to attain, Just by a glance of her compassion filled eyes, Let her kanakdahra eyes which are like the fully opened lotus, Fall on me and grant me all my desires. Salutations to you as Vedas[15] which give rise to good actions, Salutation to you as Rathi[16] for giving the most beautiful qualities, Salutation to you as Shakthi[17] ,who lives in the kanakdharra petalled lotus, And salutations to you who is Goddess of plenty, And is the consort of Purushottama[18].

One day, as a young boy, he was begging for alms to prepare his lunch and he went to the house of a very poor Brahmin lady to seek alms. Reasons for suffering in life Ways to solve problems in life saibaba Astothram Sai Satcharita Life of sai baba First saibaba temple Sai vrat pooja Mail me. Again and again return ,those glances, Filled with hesitation and love, Of her who is born to the ocean of milk, To the face of Murari[2], Like the honey bees to the pretty blue lotus, And let those glances shower me with wealth.

My friend was very helpful in taking storta in bike and we gave biscuts and wheat to one orphanage. Yath Kadaksha samupasana vidhi,Sevakasya sakalartha sapadha,Santhanodhi vachananga manasai,Twaam murari hridayeswareem bhaje Meaning- He who worships your sidelong glances,Is blessed by all known wealth and prosperity,And so my salutations by word, thought and deed,To the queen of the heart of my Lord Murari. Salutations to Mother Lakshmi Those who glorify with this HymneverydayNow when i write this incident i feel tears in my eyes.

The 21 stanzas became famous and are read by all devout Hindus.