The Master of Go is a novel by the Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in The novel was first published . El maestro de Go. Front Cover. Yasunari Kawabata. Emecé, Author Yasunari Kawabata was born in Osaka, Japan on June 14, He experienced. El Maestro de Go by Yasunari Kawabata, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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There are certainly, from a go player’s point of view, many infelicities in the translation which is despite that a masterful workbut I’m not sure I recall kwabata that might go down as a pure mistranslation of this order.

El Maestro de Go

Kitani, who was a friend of Go Seigen, naturally wanted to stop the Maesyro from using the method that had worked so well for him in the previous match. Apparently, he was rather more than just “decent” – he was strong enough that he once won a three stone handicap game against a 9 Dan professional.

The references to Go Seigen involve either use of the full name Go Seigen or are located close to this, he’s not a major character, and the reporter is even less of a character. Indeed, I think if the Master could play Go and happily lost, like Sakine, Master of Chess, he could have enjoyed living longer. Also, Kitani pointed out elsewhere that afteris not sente.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Jan 20, Tyler Jones rated it really liked it Shelves: Maeatro a chronicle-novel, it’s faction, it’s creative non-fiction, it’s a non-fiction novel It would be easy to sum it up this way but completely unfair to the style and cultural subtleties of the book, to the lingering spirit of Japanese traditions, ceremonial etiquette and values of the past, desperately trying to keep dignity in today’s competitive world where new sets of rules bring new tactics and push aside traditionally perceived respect and honour.


The novel opens with the news of Honinbo Shusai’s death.

The Master of Go

But I still end kawabaata contemplating its themes, turning them over in my head as one’s fingers would fiddle a Go stone. An era when a game was more than atheistically calculated odd moves on a by matrix board. Wil het spel graag terug opnemen en tegenwoordig zijn er heel wat online platformen.

My copy of the Seidensticker translation is published as a Perigee softcover, dfsame ISBN as the one mentioned at the beginning of this page, but it has a different cover.

LibrerĂ­a La Lengua Absuelta: Yasunari Kawabata, El Maestro de Go

Even after all the Meijin’s mistakes Black won by 5 points only. It is not representative of his usual sensory or sensual style of writing.

In the play of black upon white and white upon black, the threat of forfeiture kkawabata right from the personal feelings of the players to the fate of the game in the altered Japanese landscape.

To the untutored eye, the first stones placed on the board seem to fall at random, but the master already sees the battle to come and these first stones plant the seeds of the war. While both books on their own are probably only worth three stars, the resonance created by reading them one after the other magnified my enjoyment so much that I’m giving both four stars. The Master’s heart causes ee frequent pain and he appears to be swollen in body, despite rarely eating.

The yin-yang philosophies sprouting from the wooden bowls on to a 19 x 19 arena. Kawabata’s take on this contest. He said, ‘If Black had allowed White first kwabata play the hanetsugi E19 and F19 here, then should Black still play White would live with H19 and not answer at Under the morbid tides of destiny the death of a stone.


An exploration of the game at the heart of ‘The Master of Go’ | The Japan Times

Life and death of the stone A stone has a life and can be killed when entirely surrounded by the adversarial stone. Interestingly, pros were on the challenger’s side seeing nothing wrong with sealing a forcing move or making a forcing move just to gain some time for the real problem on hands.

Maybe I just can understand why, and can understand it pretty clear. Kawabata also says he was keen to see Go’s commentary, so Seidensticker ought to have realised some of the points I made above or maybe he did, and didn’t agree, but does his treatment of the go aspects inspire confidence?

Lists with This Book. Some material was cut from between the end of the match and the master’s death. There’s the ever-present nature, beautiful and heart-breaking, accompanying and reflecting the joys and sorrows mqestro the protagonists. It would be easy to say that this is a unique occurrence Kawabata writes a factual account of a Go match, which at one level could be compared with the sort of journalism you see in a magazine like New in Chess.

Yo experience with Kawabata is a circuitous road. The Master of Go 1 ed.

There is also a great deal of profiling of the two men. Chcker draw waves, attacks, idea. Andrew Grant It’s unfair to criticise Kitani for playing a forcing move in this situation certainly anything as strong as “disgust” is inappropriate.

In the course of one of one of these adjournments, he found an unexpected move that changed the course of the game and allowed him to snatch a narrow victory.