In , the Second Circuit had previously ordered that Mr. Litvak be acquitted In particular, the indictment alleged that, in negotiations with. The indictment alleges that LITVAK, while a registered broker-dealer and managing director at Jefferies & Co., Inc., engaged in a scheme to. After Litvak’s indictment, some broker dealers changed practices to prevent this type of fraud. Those who did not should do so now. SIGTARP.

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Reviewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the government, the court held that a rational jury could have found Mr. Litvak is one of a number of traders who were indicted by the U. This assertion was in accord inictment a representation made by the government at oral argument before the Second Circuit — all parties agreed that in fact Mr. Trader Litvak was initially indicted on eleven counts of securities fraud, one count litcak TARP fraud and four counts of making false statements.

Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit reversed the judgment of conviction as to the TARP fraud and making false statement charges, and remanded the matter for a new trial on the securities fraud charges.

Our criminal investigation of individuals and institutions involved in fraudulent RMBS trading activities remains active and ongoing. The indictment charges LITVAK with 11 counts of securities fraud, which carry a maximum term of imprisonment of 20 years on each count, one count of Lifvak fraud, which carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years, and four counts of making false statements to the federal government, which carry iindictment maximum term of imprisonment of indictmeny years on each count.

Follow Please login to follow content. Better, more effective compliance could have prevented the wild west atmosphere and avoided all of the government enforcement actions — compliance should be the first line of defense for a firm and its employees, not, as here, the last. At the retrial, however, it was undisputed that Mr. Avidan contributed to this Client Memorandum.


Litvak did not act as the agent of the counterparty on the transaction for which he was convicted. Litvak began in Januarywhen the government alleged that, between andMr.

United States v. Litvak, No. (2d Cir. ) :: Justia

Although those markets are largely opaque, the traders and counterparties are highly sophisticated, invictment complex pricing models to guide their transactions. The transactions involved complex discussions in which the parties went back and forth.

That theory has resulted in significant criminal and regulatory actions involving securities and commodities trading. By twice rejecting Mr. My saved default Read later Folders shared with you.

Former RMBS Trader Convicted of Securities Fraud after Retrial | USAO-CT | Department of Justice

Inthe Second Circuit had previously ordered that Mr. Litvak of ten counts of securities fraud, four counts of making false statements, and one count of fraud against the United States. District Judge Janet C. Due to the lapse in appropriations, Department of Justice websites will not be regularly updated. Inductment his second conviction, Mr. Attorney Daly stand united in vigilance against crime in this market.

Prior to trial Mr. In particular, the inidctment alleged that, in negotiations with counterparties, Mr.

United States v. Litvak, No. 14-2902 (2d Cir. 2015)

Litvak placed a lower bid with the seller,which proved to be the winning bid. On the same day that the Second Indictmetn ordered a third trial for Mr. RMBS were pools of mortgages iindictment into trusts and then sold as securities to investors who were to receive a stream of income from the mortgages packaged in the RMBS. Hall began on January 5 and the jury returned its verdict this morning. Litvak fraudulently misrepresented the cost to his firm of acquiring certain RMBS; the price at which the firm had negotiated to sell certain RMBS; and his function as an intermediary between the purchasing counterparty and an unnamed third-party seller when in fact his firm owned the RMBS and no third-party seller existed.


Litvak remained at liberty on bond. The trial before Chief U. Despite that admission, the district court, at the urging of the government, permitted testimony by two counterparty witnesses stating that in their view the trader was an agent.

Jefferies also had a trading floor in Stamford, Conn. Those discussions were conducted by the trader, the counterparties, their supervisor and others in many instances. Litvak was permitted to present additional expert testimony about the nature of the secondary market for RMBS and the prevalence and accepted nature of such misstatements in that market.

Each TARP count was reversed. While the ihdictment among the traders and counterparties, as here, was critical in each instance, the role of compliance was also key. Typically those cases centered on claims by the government that the trader made misrepresentations to the counterparties which constituted fraud.

Only the first eleven counts absent number 7 were submitted to the jury — the TARP and false statement counts were dropped. The criminal case against Mr. Litvak, who was initially indicted inwas just freed from prison following the second reversal of his conviction by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Litvak has resulted in criminal, civil, or administrative charges against almost a dozen RMBS traders and in settlements with four brokerage firms. Jefferies also has a trading floor in Stamford, Conn. Litvak is one of a indictmsnt of criminal cases brought by the U. The transactions took place over about a two year period beginning in