At the core of the MAST ALIGNEDSM procedure is the new CD HORIZON® LONGITUDE® II System, a multi-level percutaneous fixation system designed to. Horizon Longitude, Medtronic, Minneapolis, USA) has been described in detail elsewhere [14]. For minimally invasive thoracic instrumentation. experience and Medtronic expertise. Profile. Performance. Efficiency. 1 Based on internal testing of a CHROMALOY™ and CHROMALOY™ Plus rod construct.

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Since mechanical parts are involved, the surgeon should be familiar with the various components before using the equipment and should personally assemble the devices to verify that all parts and necessary instruments are present before the surgery begins.

CD HORIZON LONGITUDE. Multi-Level Percutaneous Fixation System

Surgical Technique Contents Introduction Cleaning and decontamination must include the use of neutral cleaners followed by a deionized water rinse. Bracing for standalone rods and screws is controversial, especially in trauma cases. In one case, it was necessary to reapply the guide wire, remove the screw, and redo the steps.

I realize that it is important that I understand. Several recent approaches to minimally invasive posterior fusion with internal fixation have been described. No concerns were evident.


Part of the Synthes locking compression plate LCP system. The small and medium dilators are removed, leaving the final dilator longitkde extenders in place.

As a precaution, before patients with implants receive any subsequent surgery such as dental proceduresprophylactic antibiotics may be considered, especially for high-risk patients.

No wound infections occurred. Rather than the multiple small incisions for Sextant patients, Pathfinder-treated patients receive one larger incision over the pedicles on each side.

While some fractures are very serious injuries that require emergency treatment, other fractures can More information. Figure 41 Figure Johnson, MD Steven D. Features and Benefits 4.

If buttons are held until unreduce past EJ, the Outer Extender will pull off entirely. The legs are maintained in extension. Published online Feb Lumbar Laminectomy and Interspinous Process Fusion Introduction Low back and leg pain caused by pinched nerves in the back is a common condition that limits your ability to move, walk, and work.

A transpedicular channel is created using the Jamshidi needle under AP and lateral fluoroscopic guidance into the upper outer quadrant of the pedicle.


Potential drawbacks are considered. A total of screws were inserted; screws were placed completely within the pedicle unit Table 3Fig. Medtrohic more traditional pedicle screw systems, the bony anatomy of the spine does not need to be exposed. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


When decompression of neural structures is needed, it is limited medtronif the affected levels using the miniopen approach. These patients should be advised of this fact and warned of this consequence. To avoid this, ensure the direction of Tap is in same plane as the Guidewire Figure Postoperative bracing was always used for instrumentation-mediated fusion.

Open surgery always remains a solution if there is a problem. Acta Orthop Scand Suppl.

CD HORIZON LONGITUDE. Multi-Level Percutaneous Fixation System – PDF

There are several limitations and drawbacks concerning the use of the Sextant in the thoracic region. Page 3 Surgical Technique Posterior. Dedicated instruments for reconstructive foot surgery.

This fact is especially true in spinal surgery where many extenuating circumstances may compromise the results.

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