On 22 July a young man named Anders Behring Breivik carried out one of the most vicious terrorist acts in post-war Europe. In a carefully orchestrated. We refrained from posting this document for a number of days due to concerns about some of its content. However, the fact that the document is. In this article, I examine the way in which the Bible is used in Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, arguing that this provides an important example of the role of .

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deutsxh The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: These are drawn from across the biblical corpus. Breivik trial day The references to the Bible do not form a major part of the manifesto. Fortress Press, The Journal of Public and Professional Sociology, 4 1.

Global patterns, motivations and prevention.

Андерс Беринг Брејвик — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

Anders Breivik adopts an Anglicized spelling of his name: The Global Rise of Religious Violenc. To read and download the complete article you can sign up here for free: Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable.

Perspectives on Terrorism, 527— Adult Education Quarterly, 44 4— There will be much suffering and destruction but eventually we will succeed and may be able to start rebuilding.

At the same time, it is wrenched out of this solidified framework, cut up and pasted into the manifesto hypertext in order to serve as a contemporary ally to an anti-Muslim and anti-multicultural cause.


Journal of the Bible and its Reception

The Christian Science Monitor. Zed Books,8. I follow here the important work foregrounded on the Bible and politics by scholars such as Halvor Moxnes, Yvonne Sherwood and James Crossley.

This arguably nurtured the view of the Bible as an alien in the modern world, antithetical to modern values and norms. The general consensus of opinion was that very few would have expected the terrorist 1 to be a Caucasian Norwegian, born and raised in the affluent west end area of Oslo maniest as he was later revealed to be.

Berardi, Heroes96—7. Hoover discusses how preachers during the First World War grappled with biblical principles and passages.

Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

Aschehaug,45, 47, In other words, they are telling you their interpretation and their doctrine, NOT what the manuscripts really say. Sample copy Alert me Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 24 2— University of California Press. The Reception History of Genesis 3: The theory and practice of transformative learning: I will argue that even though it is not a central feature of his manifesto, the Bible performs an important peripheral function to the central claims in the text.

Sindre Bangstad, author of Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobiaonly comments on this issue once: Court in Norway hears killer took stimulants. User Account Log in Register Help. A post-trial profile of Anders Behring Breivik.


Two central and often overlapping features of the far-right that Breivik draws on are the Eurabia theory deutsvh contra-jihadism. Volume 3 Issue 2 Decpp. I show that deytsch Bible functions as a legitimating device, glossing violence as defense of a Christian Europe; as a motivational instrument, positing God as a fellow fighter; and, as an origin for Europe.

Laws for the lone wolf. Accused relieved at sanity findings, expert claims top meeting bugged.

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding radicalization. The Bible and the Legitimation of Violence. Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia. While the New King James Version is by far the most utilized translation in the manifesto, the King James Version also features, as well as, on occasion, the New Revised Standard Version — sometimes mixed together within a single citation.

Breivik, Manifesto, Zed Books,3. What assumptions about Christianity underlie the dismissal of Breivik as a far-right Christian terrorist? God is not a pacifist, the Bible encourages violence as self-defense of the Christian God and his seemingly exclusively European people; additionally, proponents of an anti-multiculturalist and anti-Muslim position are effectively soldiers of Christ, following a biblical tradition of righteous warfare.

Emphasis in the original.