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Import data from external file: Manuak highlight all of the cells from every block click on the option Select Al l from the Edit menu.

Transferir dados

To highlight all cells from every screen and copy them into the clipboard simply select Copy all cells from the Edit menu option. The data in Excel should now reflect the current update status of the Economatica system. If ecoomatica copy data via DDE into Excel for example each time Economatica is updated your Excel spreadsheet will also be updated.

These are the same options that we described in the printing process.


Comecando a usar

By highlighting cells in the last line in the Matrixx, the user is selecting to use dynamic linking, i. Whenever the language setting is changed in Economatica, the Copy Links process must be redone.

DDE link allows Window applications including the Economatica system to transfer data dynamically. Each module in the system features one or more transfering alternatives as shown on the table below.

This chapter is comprised of the topics listed below. In this same screen you will also have the option to choose to save the data for various companies or just the current company.

Getting Started

After every update the new data will be presented in the last line and the oldest data will be discharged from the first line. Save the Economatica screen see chapter Save screen.

In this external application in which the links are pasted Excel wconomatica otherthe number of lines copied will be kept fixed. In the following screen you will have the option to select the window in case you have multiple open windows from which to extract the data.


Click on the desired mqnual to move automatically to its corresponding description. To create an Excel spreadsheet with data from the DCF Valuation module click on the option Edit in the top menu make sure that the DCF window is currently active and choose the option Export data to Excel.

mmanual In the Highlights window the mouse may be used to select the cells from any one of the data blocks Statistics, Price changeetc. Export data to Excel: In the Portfolio Optimization module, highlighting cells with your mouse is possible in each of the different screens Expected Values, Constraintsetc.